Setting Up Quicken 2010

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How to Install Quicken 2010 on Your Computer

You install Quicken the same way that you install any program in Windows, and the set up process is simple. If you need help installing and setting up Quicken on your computer, look no further. [more…]

How to Set Up Quicken 2010 on Your Computer

After you install Quicken on your computer, you need to start it to finish the setup process. If you told the installation program to launch Quicken 2010, the Quicken program window should appear automatically [more…]

How to Set Up Multiple Banking Accounts in Quicken 2010

When you first began working with Quicken, you were prompted to set up a banking account. You probably set up your most active bank account (usually a checking account). If you want to track any additional [more…]

How to Create Quicken 2010 Tags

Quicken 2010 lets you summarize your financial records by providing a tool, called tags, which lets you summarize transactions in addition to the way you summarize transactions with categories. [more…]

How to Set Up a New Quicken 2010 File

As part of setting up Quicken, you create what Quicken calls a file: A place where Quicken stores all your accounts (bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and so on). You can have more [more…]

How to Set Up a Quicken 2010 File Password

You can set up a password for a Quicken file (although that password protects only that file — not your version of Quicken or your computer, as a whole). [more…]

How to Set Up a Credit Card Account in Quicken 2010

If you want to track credit card spending and balances with Quicken, you must set up a special credit card account. To set up a credit card account, you follow roughly the same steps as you do to set up [more…]

How to Track an Amortized Loan in Quicken 2010

If you have an amortized loan — a loan on which you make regular, equal payments — Quicken 2010 can help you keep track of it. As long as you have your loan information handy — the loan amount, interest [more…]

How to Schedule a Payment or Reminder in Quicken 2010

Quicken 2010's Scheduled Transactions feature can be useful in the case of a loan. If loan a payment occurs regularly, you can tell Quicken to remind you about the payment, or you can set it up as a scheduled [more…]

How to Add a Rental Property and Tenants in Quicken 2010

In order to track rental properties with Quicken, you need to add each property. After you describe your rental property or properties, you need to describe the tenants that occupy the property or properties [more…]

How to Solve Tricky Setup Problems in Quicken 2010

These handful of annoying setup problems often occur when new Quicken 2010 users try to set it up on their computers. Transferring data from a Mac to a PC, or from an older program to Quicken 2010, can [more…]

How to Back Up Your Quicken 2010 Files

Back up the files that Quicken uses to store your financial records so that you have copies you can use if something happens to your computer. You can put your Quicken backup on any sort of portable media [more…]

How to Set Up a Cash Account in Quicken 2010

Quicken 2010 can help you track petty cash in your business, as well as the petty cash in your wallet, by using a special cash account. To track the cash, you must set up a cash account in Quicken 2010 [more…]

How to Create Business Invoices in Quicken 2010

To use Quicken for creating invoices for your small business, you first need to describe your business to Quicken. You can then create invoices associated with that business. [more…]

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