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How to Buy Near and Sell Dear with Quicken 2012

Buying and selling securities in a brokerage account is very similar to buying and selling shares of a tax-deferred investment with Quicken 2012. You fill in the same fields in almost the exact same way [more…]

Record Dividends, Capital Gains, and Other Goodies in Quicken 2012

It's easy to record dividends, capital gains, and other goodies in Quicken 2012. Any time you receive investment income, click the Enter Transactions button and choose Inc – Income [more…]

Windows 7 and Quicken 2012 Help

Help, a separate application within Windows 7, has powerful tools to help you learn about Windows 7 and application programs, such as Quicken 2012. To access Help, select the Help menu or click the ? icon [more…]

How to Adjust Errors in Quicken 2012 Brokerage Accounts

You can adjust the cash balance in a Quicken 2012 brokerage account and the shares balance in brokerage accounts if for some reason the figures are incorrect. How you adjust the cash balance in a brokerage [more…]

Tools Available from the Quicken 2012 Investing Tab

You can work with the Quicken 2012 Investing tab's commands and buttons to monitor your investments. The Quicken 2012 Investing tab provides different views [more…]

How to Describe Your Business(es) to Quicken 2012

To use Quicken 2012 for small business bookkeeping, you need to describe each business you or your spouse operates. To describe your business to Quicken, you need to give the business’s name and identify [more…]

How to Design Business Invoices in Quicken 2012

After describing your business to Quicken 2012, you need to add your business’s name and address to the business invoice template that Quicken produces. To do this, display the Business tab, click the [more…]

Identify Invoice Items When Setting Up Your Business on Quicken 2012

The stuff that appears on invoices — product or service descriptions, standard prices, and so forth — needs to be provided up-front to Quicken 2012 by setting up invoice items. [more…]

How to Set Up a Customer Invoices Account in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 needs you to set up a Customer Invoices account to track the invoices you create. But this isn’t difficult to do. Simply display the Business tab, click the Business Actions button, and choose [more…]

How to Invoice Your Customers in Quicken 2012

In Quicken 2012, you can invoice customers, record their payments, and monitor unpaid amounts after you’ve described your business, finalized your invoice form [more…]

How to Print Invoices in Quicken 2012

You can print invoices in Quicken 2012 as you create them. Simply click the Print button on the Invoice window. The Print button looks like a printer and appears in the lower-left corner of the window. [more…]

Issue Credits and Make Refunds in Quickne 2012

Quicken 20125 provides commands and windows for issuing credits and for making refunds to customers. To record a credit — a credit is essentially a backwards invoice that says you owe your customer money [more…]

Finance Charges, Estimates, and Statements in Quicken 2012

Three customer-invoicing commands in Quicken 2012 (available on the Business tab when you click the Business Actions button and choose the Invoices And Estimates command) deserve a quick description: Create [more…]

How to Set Up Quicken 2012 Payroll

A lot of people who own small businesses or who have a household employee (nannies, for example) need to deal with payroll. Although Quicken 2012 Home & Business doesn’t provide you payroll tools, here [more…]

How to Get the Taxes Stuff Right in Quicken 2012

Besides setting up a payroll tax category to track payroll taxes that the employer pays, including the company’s share of Social Security taxes, the company’s share of Medicare taxes, and any other employer [more…]

How to Deposit Taxes from Quicken 2012

Make no mistake. Uncle Sam wants the money you withhold from an employee’s payroll check for federal income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare. Uncle Sam also wants the payroll taxes you owe and have [more…]

File Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns with Quicken 2012

At the end of every quarter, you need to file a quarterly payroll tax return, and Quicken 2012 can help you. (Specifically, you must file a Form 941 — which is a form you fill out to say how much you paid [more…]

Compute Annual Returns and Wage Statements with Quicken 2012

At year end, you need to file some annual returns — like the 940 federal unemployment tax return and the W-2 and W-3 wage statements — and Quicken 2012 can help you do this. [more…]

How to Describe a Rental Property to Quicken 2012

The Quicken Rental Property Manager version of Quicken 2012 provides everything available in the other versions of Quicken. The Rental Property Manager version also includes tools for tracking both your [more…]

How to Describe Tenants to Quicken Rental Property Manager

After you describe your rental property or properties in the Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager, you need to describe the tenants that occupy the property or properties. To describe the tenants, follow [more…]

Record Tenant Rent Payments in Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager

After you describe your properties and your tenants in the Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager, you can begin recording tenant rent payments as tenants pay you, the lord of manor. Simply follow these [more…]

What Are Quicken’s Best Features?

Quicken 2012 has become more and more complicated over the years, so it may be fair to include a few sentences that review its most valuable and least valuable features. As far as what’s best or most valuable [more…]

Does Quicken 2012 Work for a Partnership?

A partnership that uses Quicken 2012 faces the same basic problem as a corporation that uses Quicken. In a partnership, the partners want to track their partnership capital accounts [more…]

What Kinds of Businesses Shouldn’t Use Quicken 2012?

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Quicken 2012 works for corporations (sort of), and it works for partnerships (sort of). Does that mean that it works for just about any kind of business?” [more…]

Build Wealth by Investing in Ownership Investments and Earning Average Returns

You can build surprising wealth with the help of Quicken 2012 just by investing in ownership investments that produce average returns. By ownership investments [more…]

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