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How to Correct Mistakes When Printing Checks in Quicken 2012

What if you make a mistake entering a check in Quicken 2012? Don’t worry. If you haven’t yet printed the check, fixing mistakes is easy. If you press the PgUp and PgDn keys with the Write Checks window [more…]

How to Print Checks in Quicken 2012

Printing checks in Quicken 2012 is easy and quick. After you've entered the information you want to print on the check form and assigned a number you want Quicken to use to identify the check, it's time [more…]

How to Print a Quicken 2012 Check Register

You can print an entire check register in Quicken 2012 or a register for any other account. To print a register, follow these magic steps: [more…]

Online Account Access and Online Bill Payment Defined

You may think that doing so sounds scary, but Online Account Access and Online Bill Payment in Quicken 2012 provide some very neat benefits. Online services [more…]

Bank with Online Account Access and Online Bill Payment and Quicken 2012

To begin using either the Online Account Access or the Online Bill Payment service with Quicken 2012, you have to sign up. If you want to use Online Account Access, you sign up with your bank. Just visit [more…]

How to Pay Bills Online with Quicken 2012

You have three ways to record online payments in Quicken 2012. If you’re comfortable using the Write Checks window, you write a check in the usual way. You enter the payee name, an amount, probably a category [more…]

Update Your Quicken 2012 Accounts with Online Account Access

One major advantage of Online Account Access is that you can get the most up-to-date information regarding your Quicken 2012 accounts. When you use the Tools menu’s One Step Update or Schedule Updates [more…]

Quicken 2012 Banking Reports

Quicken 2012 produces a bunch of different reports, which are arranged in groups. Access the Banking group of reports by clicking the Reports command and then selecting the Banking report group from the [more…]

How to Preview a Quicken 2012 Report

To find out what type of information a report includes before you create the report or to preview a report, choose Reports→Reports & Graphs Center. The transactions you enter in the transaction list window [more…]

How to Print a Quicken 2012 Report

After you know how to print checks and transaction lists, all other printing in Quicken 2012 is easy, easy, easy. To print any of the reports Quicken shows, follow these steps: [more…]

Comparison Reports and Investing Reports in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 produces a bunch of different reports. To make sense of what may otherwise become mass confusion, Quicken arranges all its reports into groups. Two of these are Comparison reports and Investing [more…]

Net Worth & Balances Reports and Spending Reports in Quicken 2012

Two groups of reports that Quicken 2012 arranges its reports into are Net Worth & Balances and Spending. To see the reports in one of these groups, click the Reports command and then select the report [more…]

Tax Reports and Rental Property Reports in Quicken 2012

Tax reports and Rental Property reports are just two of several groups of reports into which Quicken 2012 arranges its reports. To see the reports in one of these groups, click the Reports command and [more…]

Quicken 2012 Business Reports

Quicken 2012 offers a lot of features to help the small business owner or entrepreneur. Business reports is a grouping of various reports, such as Cash Flow and Profit & Loss that offer you a snapshot [more…]

How to Find the Report You Want in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 provides something called EasyAnswer reports. In effect, EasyAnswer reports let you identify the question that you want a report to answer. Quicken 2012 produces a bunch of different reports [more…]

How to Edit and Rearrange Quicken 2012 Reports

You may notice that when Quicken 2012 displays the report window, it also displays rows of buttons, including Delete, Export Data, Preferences, Back, Forward, History, Print, Save Report, Find & Replace [more…]

The Quicken 2012 Calendar

The bar along the top of the Quicken 2012 Calendar provides some other tools that you may want to use. You’ll have more fun trying them out yourself than you would reading about them. [more…]

Give Quicken 2012 the Bank’s Information to Balance Accounts

The first step when balancing an account is to supply Quicken 2012 with the bank’s account information. This information comes from your monthly statement. Supply Quicken with the figures it needs as follows [more…]

Mark Cleared Checks and Deposits to Balance Accounts

When balancing an account in Quicken 2012, you need to tell Quicken which deposits and checks have cleared at the bank. (Refer to your bank statement for this information.) [more…]

Ensure That the Difference Equals Zero When Balancing Accounts

When balancing an account in Quicken 2012, you mark all the cleared checks and deposits. At this point, the difference between the cleared balance for the account and the bank statement’s ending balance [more…]

Ten Things To Do If Your Quicken 2012 Account Doesn’t Balance

If you're having problems reconciling an account in Quicken 2012 or if you’re sitting in front of your computer wringing your hands, try the following tips. [more…]

Back Up Quicken 2012 the Quick-and-Dirty Way

You should back up the files that Quicken 2012 uses to store your financial records. You’re busy. You don’t have time to fool around. You just want to do a passable job backing up files. Sound like your [more…]

Decide When to Back Up Your Quicken 2012 Files

You don't need tricky, technical examples of fancy backup strategies; they have no point here. You want to know the basics of backing up your Quicken 2012 files, right? Back up every month after you reconcile [more…]

What to Do If You Lose Backed-up Quicken 2012 Data

What happens if you lose all your Quicken 2012 data sometime after you've backed up? First of all, you can a little feel smug. Get a cup of coffee. Lean back in your chair. Gloat for a couple of minutes [more…]

What to Do If You Lose Quicken 2012 Data (Not Backed Up)

What do you do if you haven’t backed up your files in a while and you lose all the data in your Quicken 2012 files? Okay. Stay calm. All may not be lost. [more…]

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