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Quicken 2012 Register Window

In general, you work with an individual account by using the Quicken 2012 register window. You enter account transactions in the register. Entering transactions in a register is the basic, Quicken record-keeping [more…]

Quicken 2012 All-Inclusive Category List

Quicken 2012 supplies categories to, well, categorize your spending. For example, you would probably use the Rent category to categorize all the checks you write to pay rent. The predefined categories [more…]

Quicken 2012 Subcategories

You surely didn’t buy Quicken 2012 so that you could spend all day Saturday sitting at your computer. Subcategories is one of the program's features you can ignore if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. [more…]

How to Add a Quicken 2012 Category List

Basically, you need to be able to do three things to the Quicken category list: add categories, remove categories, and change category names and descriptions. Adding individual categories is a snap. Here’s [more…]

How to Remove, Change, and Merge Quicken 2012 Categories

Removing categories from Quicken 2012 takes only a couple of keystrokes. You can change a category name, its type, its description, and its tax-related setting if you later discover you made some mistake [more…]

Review Your Budgeting Options in Quicken 2012

If you click the Budget Actions button (which appears in the upper-right corner of the Budgets window), Quicken 2012 displays a menu with seven commands useful for working with your budgets: [more…]

Quicken 2012 Charts Only Look Tricky

Data graphics open up wonderful opportunities for communicating. And Quicken 2012 charts are really easy to use. In fact, many times, Quicken will add a small chart to a report window. You can also display [more…]

Advice for Planning a Budget with Quicken 2012

A budget is a list of the ways you earn and spend your money. If you create a good, workable category list with Quicken 2012, you’re halfway to a good, solid budget. [more…]

How Windfalls Can Mess Up Your Quicken 2012 Budget

Getting an unexpected windfall sounds like a wonderful thing, but it can really do a number on the budget you've developed in Quicken 2012. In a nutshell, you face two big problems with windfalls: [more…]

Monster Income Changes Can Mess Up Your Quicken 2012 Budget

If your income changes radically, planning a budget, even with the help of Quicken 2012, becomes really hard. The problems work both ways — if you're income takes a giant leap upward or a giant leap downward [more…]

The Quicken 2012 Budgets Window

To get to the Quicken 2012 window in which you enter your budget, click the Planning tab and click the Budgets button. This causes Quicken to display the Budgets window — though the window won't show any [more…]

What To Do after You Enter Your Budget in Quicken 2012

After you complete your Quicken 2012 budget, you'll want to review your handiwork. And you perform your review using the Budgets window. If you've created several budgets, by the way, you need to use the [more…]

Find Your Checkbook and Records Checks in Quicken 2012

As you start working with Quicken 2012, you probably want to work from the Spending tab. Basically, it looks and works (sort of) like a web page that provides clickable hyperlinks to some of the most popular [more…]

How to Enter a Check in the Quicken 2012 Register

Entering a check in the Quicken 2012 register is a simple matter of describing to whom you wrote the check and how much you paid. Suppose, for example, that you paid [more…]

How to Sort Transactions in Your Quicken 2012 Register

If you click the Account Actions button in Quicken 2012, you notice that it displays a bunch of commands. If you choose the Sorting Options command, Quicken displays a submenu of commands that begin with [more…]

Working with a Quicken 2012 QuickFill

Here’s kind of a funny quirk about Quicken 2012: If Quicken can guess what you’re typing in a field, it fills in the rest of the field for you. This QuickFill feature works when you type category names [more…]

How to Record Deposits in Your Quicken 2012 Register

Recording a deposit in your Quicken 2012 register works almost the same way as recording a check. The only difference is that you enter the deposit amount in the Deposit field rather than enter the check [more…]

How to Record Account Transfers in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 makes quick work of account transfers as long as you already have both accounts set up. Account transfers occur when you move money from one account, such as your savings account, to another [more…]

How to Split Transactions in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 makes it easy to divide a transaction into multiple entries in the register. Here’s a sort of Quicken 2012 riddle for you: Suppose that you have a check that pays more than one kind of expense [more…]

How to Move through a Big Quicken 2012 Register

If you start entering a bunch of checks, deposits, and transfers into your Quicken 2012 registers, you’ll soon find yourself with registers that contain hundreds and even thousands of transactions. You [more…]

Find a Transaction in a Big Quicken 2012 Register

Want to find a specific check, deposit, or transfer in a very large Quicken 2012 register? No problem. The Find command provides a handy way for doing just that. Here’s what you do: [more…]

Quicken 2012 Pop-Up Calendars and Calculators

Quicken 2012 provides a pop-up calendar anytime you move the selection cursor to a Date field. To get to the calendar, click the button that appears at the right end of the Date field. Quicken displays [more…]

How to Attach Flags, Notes, and Images in Quicken 2012

Quicken 2012 provides a couple of handy though easy to miss buttons inside the register window just beneath the date field: a Flag button and an Attach button. If you wouldn’t mind, take a minute and see [more…]

Delete and Void Quicken 2012 Transactions

You can delete and void register transactions in Quicken 2012 by using the More Actions button’s Delete and Void Transaction(s) commands. If you’ve looked at the Edit button — it appears just beneath the [more…]

Enter Information on a Check Form in Quicken 2012

Printing checks in Quicken 2012 is, well, quick. All you basically need to do is enter the information you want to print on the check form and the number you want Quicken to use to identify the check. [more…]


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