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Recording Credit Card Transactions and Payments with Microsoft Money

Besides leaving credit cards at home, one way to keep credit card spending under control is to diligently record charges as you make them. Watching the amount that you owe grow larger and larger in the [more…]

How Microsoft Money Can Help You with Your Finances

Microsoft Money 2005 takes the pain out of managing your personal finances. The popular software serves as a research tool and a means of gazing into the future. With Money 2005, you will know how much [more…]

Using Microsoft Money 2005 to Track a Home's Value or Other Asset

Ask most homeowners what their most valuable asset is, and they'll say their house. But ask them how much equity they have in that house, and you usually get a much less definitive answer — if you get [more…]

Handling Stocks with Microsoft Money 2005

Keeping track of stocks is probably the most problematic task you will ever undertake with Money. Merely figuring out what a short sell is, not to mention a margin buy and a stock split, is hard enough [more…]

Recording Bond Transactions with Microsoft Money

A bond is really a loan that you make to a government agency or private corporation. During the life of the loan, the government agency or corporation pays you interest, known as the [more…]

Listen Up: Microsoft Money's Telling You to Pay Bills

After a bill or deposit is scheduled, Money gives you ten days' warning to pay it. In other words, you get ten days to get out of Dodge, and if you don't heed the warning but stick around and gamble at [more…]

Setting Up Checking and Savings Accounts in Microsoft Money 2005

After you see the big picture and know what an account and a register are, you can create an account. In the next sections, you find out how to set up a checking account, savings account, and credit card [more…]

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