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How to Describe a Rental Property to Quicken 2012

The Quicken Rental Property Manager version of Quicken 2012 provides everything available in the other versions of Quicken. The Rental Property Manager version also includes tools for tracking both your [more…]

How to Describe Tenants to Quicken Rental Property Manager

After you describe your rental property or properties in the Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager, you need to describe the tenants that occupy the property or properties. To describe the tenants, follow [more…]

Record Tenant Rent Payments in Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager

After you describe your properties and your tenants in the Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager, you can begin recording tenant rent payments as tenants pay you, the lord of manor. Simply follow these [more…]

What Are Quicken’s Best Features?

Quicken 2012 has become more and more complicated over the years, so it may be fair to include a few sentences that review its most valuable and least valuable features. As far as what’s best or most valuable [more…]

Does Quicken 2012 Work for a Partnership?

A partnership that uses Quicken 2012 faces the same basic problem as a corporation that uses Quicken. In a partnership, the partners want to track their partnership capital accounts [more…]

What Kinds of Businesses Shouldn’t Use Quicken 2012?

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Quicken 2012 works for corporations (sort of), and it works for partnerships (sort of). Does that mean that it works for just about any kind of business?” [more…]

Build Wealth by Investing in Ownership Investments and Earning Average Returns

You can build surprising wealth with the help of Quicken 2012 just by investing in ownership investments that produce average returns. By ownership investments [more…]

Get Most of the Money from Tax Savings and Employer Matching

Much, and maybe most, of the money you need to build wealth can come from other people — specifically the tax man and your employer, if you work someplace that offers a 401 [more…]

Tap Your Computer’s Power to Develop Wealth-Building Insights

This is hard to describe in general terms because by definition, what the computer lets you do is get very specific. Consider this: Personal financial planning is essentially applied mathematics. What [more…]

It’s Not Too Late to Start Financial Planning

Another common trap that prevents people from saving money for retirement is they give up, thinking that it’s too late to start. Mathematically speaking, that’s just dead wrong. No matter what your age [more…]

Avoid “Get-Rich-Quick” Schemes

Get-rich-quick schemes don’t work except for the person selling the scheme. And, in fact, they drain off energy and money you really should be using to build your investments with Quicken 2012. You know [more…]

Choose Commands from Quicken 2012 Menus in Windows 7

To set something in motion in Windows 7, you usually need to choose commands from menus. Most application windows have a menu bar — a row of menus across the top of the window. Predictably, not every menu [more…]

Windows 7 and Quicken 2012 Dialog Boxes

Windows 7 (and application programs like Quicken 2012) uses a special type of window, called a dialog box, to communicate with you. In fact, after you choose a command, Windows 7 and application programs [more…]

Does Quicken 2012 Work for a Corporation?

Sure. But here's what’s unique — at least from an accountant’s perspective — about a corporation. In addition to recording assets (such as bank accounts and receivables) and liabilities [more…]

Can You Use Quicken 2012 for More Than One Business?

Be very careful if you use Quicken for more than one business. Very careful. You must be especially diligent in keeping the two businesses’ financial records separate in your Quicken 2012 record keeping [more…]

How to Record Customer Payments in Quicken 2012

When you are working with customers and using Quicken 2012, you'll need to be able to record payments made by customers as well as send and record invoices. To record a customer payment, follow these steps [more…]

Big Temptations of Wealth Building with Quicken 2012

Most users stumble over a couple of big temptations when trying to commit to financial building with Quicken 2012: Spending extra money instead of saving it and abandoning their investment strategy before [more…]

Windows 7 and Quicken 2012

For Quicken 2012 users, Windows 7 offers a slightly different operating environment than they might be used to with earlier versions of Windows. Windows 7 —any version of Microsoft Windows 7 — is an operating [more…]

Windows Tricks for Quicken 2013 Users

Quicken “plays” well with Windows. Accordingly, you can use a handful of standard Windows tricks to make your use of Quicken financial recording program easier — and faster. [more…]

Cool Date-Editing Tricks for Quicken 2013

Within the Quicken accounting program — and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Quicken Basic, Quicken Premier, Quicken Home & Business or Quicken Rental Property Manager — you'll enter dates again [more…]

Four Tasks Every Quicken 2013 User Should Perform

Working with a richly-featured, mature financial record-keeping software program like Quicken 2013 can present a bit of a challenge. The Quicken software just does so much . . . Here are four tasks that [more…]

Quicken 2013 Shortcuts That Save You Time

Want to save time working with the Quicken 2013 program? Consider using and memorizing a handful of the keyboard shortcuts listed in the table here. Learning to use Quicken keyboard shortcuts — although [more…]

Six Free, Reliable Websites for Quicken 2013 Users

The web represents a treasure trove of information about personal finance, small business, and tax accounting that Quicken users will appreciate. Individuals, investors, and small business owners just [more…]

Quicken 2013 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Quicken 2013 makes life easier for individuals and investors (including real estate investors, and small business owners). But that doesn’t mean you want to spend any more time working with each whistle [more…]

Setting Up a Budget in Home Accountz

In Home Accountz, you can set up your budget by using the eaZy button so that it reflects the details of the account you’re budgeting for. Follow these steps to set up your budget: [more…]

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