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4 Tricks for Better Budgeting and Planning

While Quicken 2014 can help you maintain a budget and take control of your finances, there are four things you can do to make your budgeting and day-to-day financial planning more effective and more efficient [more…]

5 Tips to Simplify Investment-Related Taxes

For some people, investment activity really complicates annual tax return preparation. In fact, without too much trouble, some people manage to so complicate their tax returns due to their investing, that [more…]

10 Tips to Help Strengthen Your Retirement Plan

Although finding a good personal financial planner is hard, there are some things you can do on your own to strengthen your retirement plan. Here are ten tips on how to get your retirement plan in better [more…]

10 Things to Do If Your Account Doesn't Balance

Sometimes when you're reconciling an account in Quicken 2014, things just don't seem to, well, balance. Here are ten quick tips on what to do when your account doesn't balance: [more…]

Straight Talk on Quicken Flavors

Do you ever find yourself wondering which version of Quicken is right for your situation? Intuit confuses us all, a little bit, right? Starter, Deluxe, Premium editions, and then there are those [more…]

4 Tips to Simplify Your Bookkeeping

Okay, you've decided to use Quicken 2014 to track your small business or rental property transactions, and that's a great decision. However, doing this entails a certain amount of work and discipline on [more…]

8 Troubleshooting Tips for Quicken 2014

Sometimes step-by-step information about how to use Quicken 2014 doesn't cut it. What you need instead, is troubleshooting advice — techniques and tactics that can solve the inevitable problems you'll [more…]

How to Install and Start Quicken 2014

You install Quicken the same way that you install any program in Windows. If you already know how to install programs, you probably don’t need any help. If you need help installing Quicken, here are the [more…]

Quicken 2014: Some Tricky Setup Problems

New Quicken users may encounter a few snags when setting up the software, especially if you've migrated from a Macintosh to a PC or from Microsoft Money to Quicken. Other problems arise when Quicken 2014 [more…]

The Budgets Window in Quicken 2014

In Quicken 2013, to get to the window in which you enter your budget, click the Planning tab and click the Budgets button. This causes Quicken to display the Budgets window — though the window won't show [more…]

The Budget Actions Button on Quicken 2014

If you click the Budget Actions button in Quicken 2014 (which appears in the upper-right corner of the Budgets window), Quicken displays a menu with seven commands. You'll find these commands helpful when [more…]

How to Review Your Budget in Quicken 2014

After you complete your budget in Quicken 2014, you'll want to review your handiwork, of course. And you perform your review using the Quicken's Budgets window and its unnamed, unlabeled drop-down lists [more…]

How to Set Up a Credit Card Account in Quicken 2014

If you want to track credit card spending and balances with Quicken 2014, you must set up a special credit card account. In comparison, you use bank accounts to track other things, such as the money that [more…]

Set Up a Liability Account for an Amortized Loan in Quicken 2014

Setting up a loan account requires a few dozen steps in Quicken 2014, but none of the steps are difficult. And none takes that much time to complete. As long as you have your loan information handy — the [more…]

How to Record a Loan Payment in Quicken 2014

After you set up a liability account, you’re ready to hand over a pound of your flesh — that is, make a payment. All jokes aside, as soon as you finish setting up a loan and loan payment, you’re ready [more…]

How to Add Your Business to Quicken 2014

To use Quicken 2014 for small business bookkeeping, you need to describe each business you or your spouse operates. For example, if you work as a one-person consultant, and your spouse runs a landscape [more…]

How to Record Deposits in Quicken 2014

Recording a deposit in Quicken 2014 works almost the same way as recording a check. The only difference is that you enter the deposit amount in the Deposit field rather than enter the check amount in the [more…]

8 Quicken 2015 Troubleshooting Tips

When using Quicken 2015, you probably want not only specific, step-by-step information about how to use the program, but also troubleshooting advice. Following are some techniques and tactics that you [more…]

Installing and Starting Quicken 2015

You install Quicken 2015 the same way that you install any program in Windows. If you already know how to install programs, you don’t need any help.

Quicken 2015 won’t run on Windows versions earlier than [more…]

Finishing the Quicken 2015 Setup If You’ve Used Quicken Before

If you’ve used a previous version of Quicken, the Quicken program displays a window that asks about converting your old Quicken data file to the next Quicken 2015 file format. If you’re okay with this [more…]

Describe Your Banking to Quicken 2015

If you haven’t used Quicken before or are starting from scratch, the first time you start Quicken 2015, the program shows the Add Account dialog box, which you use to tell Quicken about the accounts you’ll [more…]

How to Set Up Additional Accounts in Quicken 2015

When you first began working with Quicken — and this may have been only a few minutes ago or several years ago — you were prompted to set up an account. And you probably set up at least a checking account [more…]

How to Add Individual Categories to Quicken 2015

Quicken supplies categories to . . . well, categorize your spending. For example, you would probably use the Rent category to categorize all the checks you write to pay rent. The predefined categories [more…]

How to Add Categories to Quicken 2015 from a Situational List

Quicken keeps lists of categories that are standard for people in certain situations, including Quicken users who are married, homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners. To use these situational [more…]

Tags in Quicken 2015

Using categories isn’t the only way that you can summarize your financial records. Quicken 2015 provides tools called tags that let you summarize transactions in addition to the way you summarize transactions [more…]


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