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How to Use Quicken to Track Your Loans

Quicken has the ability to keep track of all of your loans — not just how much you owe, but how much you pay each month, how much of that payment is interest, and how much of that payment reduces the amount [more…]

Dealing with Payroll Taxes in Quicken 2005

Make no mistake. Uncle Sam wants the money you withhold from an employee's payroll check for federal income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare. Uncle Sam also wants the payroll taxes you owe — such as [more…]

Entering a Check into the Quicken 2007 Register

To start working with Quicken, head to the Cash Flow Center, which looks and works (sort of) like a Web page. The Cash Flow Center provides clickable hyperlinks to some of the most popular banking and [more…]

Recording Credit Card Transactions and Payments with Microsoft Money

Besides leaving credit cards at home, one way to keep credit card spending under control is to diligently record charges as you make them. Watching the amount that you owe grow larger and larger in the [more…]

Setting Up a Credit Card Account in Quicken 2006

If you want to track credit card spending and balances with Quicken 2006, you must set up a special credit card account. (In comparison, you use bank accounts to track other things, such as the money that [more…]

How to Track Stocks with Quicken Watch Lists

You can add stocks and other investments to your Quicken Watch List to help you track them. When you set up a Watch List, you can list stocks that you own, stocks that you want to own, stocks that are [more…]

How Microsoft Money Can Help You with Your Finances

Microsoft Money 2005 takes the pain out of managing your personal finances. The popular software serves as a research tool and a means of gazing into the future. With Money 2005, you will know how much [more…]

How to Use Quicken’s Loan Calculator

You can enter any type of loan scenario and Quicken tells you how much your payments are going to be, how long it is going to take you to pay off a loan, and how much interest you are going to pay. You [more…]

Using Quicken 2007 to Track PayPal Transactions

If you use PayPal, you can and should use Quicken to track the money flowing into and out of your PayPal account. Fortunately, tracking a PayPal account with Quicken is pretty dang easy. [more…]

Set Up a Mutual Fund Investment Account with Quicken 2005

If you need to track a mutual fund investment in Quicken 2005, you need to know how to set up a mutual fund account and then record your investment activities. Even if you don't invest in mutual funds, [more…]

Splitting a Transaction in Quicken 2006

Here's a sort of Quicken riddle for you: Suppose that you have a check that pays more than one kind of expense. You trot down to the grocery store, for example, and pick up [more…]

Scheduling a Payment with the Quicken 2007 Calendar

If a payment occurs regularly — the payment might be for a loan or some other regular bill like your cable TV service — you can use Quicken to set it up as a scheduled payment. When you do so, Quicken [more…]

Using Microsoft Money 2005 to Track a Home's Value or Other Asset

Ask most homeowners what their most valuable asset is, and they'll say their house. But ask them how much equity they have in that house, and you usually get a much less definitive answer — if you get [more…]

Setting Up Your First Accounts in Quicken 2003

If you've used a previous version of Quicken, the program asks if you want to convert your data to the new version. Do this. After you've upgraded from the older version, all your accounts should be ready [more…]

Getting Quicken 2005 Ready for Payroll Work

Preparing the payroll? It's no problem with Quicken 2005. To prepare payroll checks and summarize the payroll information that you need to prepare quarterly and annual returns, you need to set up several [more…]

Handling Stocks with Microsoft Money 2005

Keeping track of stocks is probably the most problematic task you will ever undertake with Money. Merely figuring out what a short sell is, not to mention a margin buy and a stock split, is hard enough [more…]

Recording Bond Transactions with Microsoft Money

A bond is really a loan that you make to a government agency or private corporation. During the life of the loan, the government agency or corporation pays you interest, known as the [more…]

Listen Up: Microsoft Money's Telling You to Pay Bills

After a bill or deposit is scheduled, Money gives you ten days' warning to pay it. In other words, you get ten days to get out of Dodge, and if you don't heed the warning but stick around and gamble at [more…]

Setting Up Checking and Savings Accounts in Microsoft Money 2005

After you see the big picture and know what an account and a register are, you can create an account. In the next sections, you find out how to set up a checking account, savings account, and credit card [more…]

Using the Quicken 2006 Retirement Calculator

Imagine that you decide to jump into your employer's 401(k) thing (a type of profit-sharing plan) and that it allows you to plop $6,000 into a retirement account that you think will earn about 9 percent [more…]

Using the Investment Saving Calculator with Quicken 2004

The folks at Intuit provide several nifty little calculators (most are dialog boxes) with Quicken. At the very least, the calculators should make your work easier. And if you invest a little time, you [more…]

Calculating the Cost of College with Quicken 2004

Ouch. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Millions of other parents are experiencing the same pain in their chest at the thought of financing a college education for their sons and daughters [more…]

How to Plan for Taxes with Quicken 2010

Quicken 2010 comes with a handy, powerful Tax Planner. The Tax Planner helps you make a precise estimate of the taxes that you’ll owe. To use the Tax Planner, take the following steps: [more…]

How to Record an Investment Purchase in Your Quicken Account

After you set up an investment account in Quicken 2010 and describe the securities in the account, you can record an initial purchase of a share investment. [more…]

How to Record Ongoing Investment Transactions Using Quicken 2010

Quicken 2010 enables you to record investment account transactions as you buy investments — by contributing additional amounts to your retirement account or by reinvesting dividends and capital gain distributions [more…]

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