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How Seasonality Affects Investment Markets

Seasonality (also known as calendar effects)refers to the natural rise and fall of prices according to the time of year. Heating oil futures go up as winter heads for Chicago, for example, and prices of [more…]

Using Chart Indicators to Make Investing Decisions

Technical investment traders go to great lengths to remove emotion and impulsiveness from decision-making. The chief tool for squelching emotion is the [more…]

Investing Strategy: Trend-Follower or Swing-Trader?

When you analyze the market, you can choose to be a trend-follower or a swing-trader. In technical analysis, the trend is always the focus. In a perfect world, you first determine whether your security [more…]

Heeding Indicator Signals as an Investing Strategy

Trending indicators related to investments are designed to give buy and sell signals, although in many instances, the signal is more like a warning and doesn’t have a black-and-white embedded decision [more…]

How to Read an Investment Trading Price Bar

In technical analysis for well-timed trading of investments, the price bar describes and defines the trading action in a security for a given period. The price bar and its placement on the chart deliver [more…]

Understanding Spikes in Investment Trading Price Bars

Sometimes the trading market delivers a price bar that looks like the investment activity went crazy that day. This creates a spike, where the high or the low is very far away from the general trend of [more…]

Understanding Gaps in Investment Trading Analysis

In investment trading technical analysis, a gap is one of the more important of the special bar configurations. A gap is a major, visible discontinuity between two price bars on a chart. Because every [more…]

Examining Your Investment Allocation

Your tolerance for investment risk is an important factor in deciding where you want to put your investment dollars, otherwise known as your portfolio allocation. [more…]

How Much Should You Invest in Stocks and Stock Mutual Funds?

Asset allocation involves spreading your investments across diverse asset classes in an attempt to reduce the overall portfolio risk, while maintaining or increasing expected portfolio return. In other [more…]

Trading Options For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Trading options is a bit different from trading stocks, but they both require research and study. If you're going to trade options, it's important that you know order types, how to read changes in the [more…]

Gathering the Key Documents for Fundamental Analysis

Companies create plenty of financial documents, so you need to know which ones are most important to fundamental analysis. The following list helps you determine which documents can help you the most with [more…]

Top Sources for Fundamental Analysis Data Online

You don’t have to subscribe to costly online services to get the data you need for fundamental analysis. Much of the fundamental analysis data you need is available from high-quality sites including: [more…]

Six Things in an Annual Report Necessary for Fundamental Analysis

After a huge annual report arrives in the mail, you may not know where to begin. So here are six things you should always consider when you get an annual report to make sure you are picking up the key [more…]

Signs You've Found a Good Candidate for a Swing Trade

To succeed with swing trading, you need to know how to read market indicators. Make a swing trade that's more likely to yield good results by getting to know the following signs of favorable conditions [more…]

How to Manage Your Risk when Swing Trading

The most important determinant of whether you'll be a successful swing trader is how well you manage risk. Ask yourself these questions before placing a trade to ensure you don't cut corners: [more…]

Assessing Industry Strength for Use in Swing Trading

Being a successful swing trader calls for many skills, including the ability to assess the relative strengths of various market sectors. If you determine which stage the economy is in and then use that [more…]

Swing Trading For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Swing trading is all about taking risks to increase your portfolio. Because of the inherent risks of swing trading, it makes sense to cover the fundamentals before you get started. You need to know how [more…]

Can I Make Money Day Trading Part-Time?

For many people, the attraction of day trading is that traders can very much control their own hours. Many markets, like foreign exchange, trade around the clock. And with easy Internet access, day trading [more…]

Different Real-Time Price Quotes for Day Traders

All brokerage firms offer price quotes: a summary of the current bid and offer prices for selling or buying the security in question. But not all of these price quotes are the same. Some are offered in [more…]

Finding Day Trading Trends in Securities Price Charts

Because markets tend to move in cycles, day traders look for patterns in price charts that give them an indication of how long a particular trend may last. Following are some of the common patterns that [more…]

Psychological Stock Market Calendar Effects

Many trading anomalies follow time periods. That’s not completely unexpected, as many economic and business trends follow the calendar. Companies report their results quarterly. Most close their books [more…]

When an Investor Might Want to Consider Day Trading

Many day traders are also long-term investors. Sure, they trade for the short term, but they regularly take some of their profits and put them toward investments that have a longer time frame. It’s smart [more…]

Kelly Criterion Method of Money Management

Over the years, day traders have developed many different ways to manage their money. Some of these are rooted in superstition, but most are based on different statistical probability theories. The underlying [more…]

Martingale and Monte Carlo Simulation Money Management Styles

Over the years, day traders have developed many different ways to manage their money. Most strategies are based on different statistical probability theories, and some share commonalities with casino gambling [more…]

The Optimal F Money Management Style

Over the years, day traders have developed many different ways to manage their money. Some of these are rooted in superstition, but most are based on different statistical probability theories. The underlying [more…]

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