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Investing in Copper through Futures Trading or Mining Companies

You can invest in copper either by trading in the futures markets or by putting your investment dollars in companies that specialize in mining and processing copper ore. [more…]

Investing in Palladium through Mining Companies

One of the better — albeit indirect — methods of getting exposure to the palladium markets is by investing in companies that mine the metal. Here are a couple of them: [more…]

Investing in Zinc through Future Markets

Zinc is the fourth-most widely used metal, right behind iron/steel, aluminum, and copper. The best way to invest in zinc is by going through the futures markets. [more…]

Investing in Nickel via Futures Contracts

Nickel is a ferrous metal, which means it belongs to the iron group of metals. Nickel, which is traded on futures markets, is an important industrial metal that is used as an alloy with metals such as [more…]

Investing in Diversified Mining Companies

One avenue for opening up your portfolio to metals is to invest in diversified mining companies. These operations are involved in all aspects of the metals production process, from excavation of metals [more…]

Investing in Coffee Futures as a Widely Traded Commodity

Coffee is the second most widely traded commodity in terms of physical volume, behind only crude oil. Like a number of other commodities, coffee production is dominated by a handful of countries. Brazil [more…]

Investing in Cocoa Futures Contracts

Cocoa trade is dominated by African countries, although the first cacao tree is said to have originated in South America. Cocoa is a fermented seed from the cacao tree, which is usually grown in hot and [more…]

Investing in Sugar as a Commodity

Although sugar production began more than 9,000 years ago in southeastern Asia, today, Latin American countries dominate the sugar trade. Brazil is the largest sugar producer in the world, as you can see [more…]

Investing in Orange Juice through Future Market Contracts

Orange juice is one of the few actively traded contracts in the futures markets that’s based on a tropical fruit. Because oranges are perishable, the futures contract tracks [more…]

Investing in Corn through the Futures Markets

The most direct way to invest in corn is by going through the futures markets. A corn contract exists, courtesy of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), to help farmers, consumers, and investors manage and [more…]

Investing in Wheat Markets via Futures Contracts

The most direct way of accessing the wheat markets is by trading the wheat futures contract. The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) offers a futures contract for those interested in capturing profits from wheat [more…]

Investing in Soybeans and Soybean Products through Future Markets

Soybeans are a vital crop for the world economy, used for everything from poultry feedstock to the creation of vegetable oil. You can invest in soybeans themselves, soybean oil, and soybean meal through [more…]

Investing in Cattle through Futures Contracts

Two futures contracts exist for the cattle trader and investor: the live cattle and the feeder cattle contracts, both of which trade on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange [more…]

Investing in Lean Hogs and Pork Bellies via Futures Markets

You can invest in hogs in two ways: through a lean hog futures contract (which is a contract for the hog’s carcass), and through pork bellies (the traders’ way of saying “bacon”). [more…]

What Affects Currency Rates?

The forex market sets the value of one currency relative to another, so data's being digested about at least two major international economies at the same time. Add in half a dozen or more other national [more…]

What Are Characteristics of Hedge Funds?

A hedge fund differs from so-called “real money” — traditional investment accounts like mutual funds, pensions, and endowments — because it has more freedom to pursue different investment strategies. [more…]

Types of Hedge Funds: Absolute-Return and Directional

You can sort hedge funds into two basic categories: absolute-return funds and directional funds. The hedge fund that you choose depends on your investment strategy. [more…]

Traditional Asset Classes in Hedge Funds

Although many hedge funds pursue strategies and assets known only to a well-informed few, most funds have some investment positions in ordinary investment classes. You may be surprised that these funds [more…]

Alternative Assets in Hedge Funds

An alternative investment is anything other than stocks, bonds, or cash. Hedge fund managers, sniffing out opportunities to meet their investment objectives, often turn to alternative assets. [more…]

Buying Assets for Strategic Gains through Hedge Funds

When a hedge fund manager or other investor buys a security, he or she is said to be long. An investor has only one reason to go long: He or she thinks that the asset will go up in price. [more…]

Selling Depreciating Assets in a Hedge Fund

Hedge funds can make money by selling securities, and not necessarily securities that they own. A short-seller borrows a security from someone else (usually from a brokerage firm’s inventory) and then [more…]

Determine Financial Goals before Investing in Hedge Funds

Before you invest in a hedge fund, you need to answer two key questions: When do you need your money and what do you need your money for?

Your answers influence the risk you can take, the return you need [more…]

How to Calculate Net Asset Value of a Hedge Fund

Hedge funds are priced on their net asset value. Also called book value, net asset value is the total of all the fund’s assets minus all the fund’s liabilities. [more…]

Using Technical Analysis to Track On-Balance Trading Volume

On-balance volume (OBV) is a running (cumulative) total of investment trading volume, calculated by adding the volume on days the price is higher than the day before and subtracting the volume on days [more…]

How to Monitor Market Sentiment

Most indicators of market sentiment look outside the price dynamics of a particular security or index of securities for information about whether the trading crowd is humming along with expectations of [more…]


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