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How to Evaluate Stock Investment Tips

Never automatically invest in a stock just because you get a hot tip from someone. Good investment selection means looking at several sources before you decide on a stock. No shortcut exists. That said [more…]

Company Fundamentals to Consider for Investment in Growth Stock

When you hear the word fundamentals in the world of stock investing, it refers to the company’s financial condition and related data. When investors (especially value investors) do [more…]

How to Use Others’ Choices for Your Stock Investment Decisions

You can invest in a great company and still see its stock go nowhere. Why? Because what makes the stock go up is demand — having more buyers than sellers of the stock. If you pick a stock for all the right [more…]

Introduction to Accounting for Stock Investors

Stocks represent ownership in companies. Before you invest in individual stocks, you want to understand the companies whose stock you’re considering and find out about their operations. Accounting is the [more…]

The Importance of Highs and Lows in Stock Tables

The stock tables in major business publications such as The Wall Street Journal are loaded with information to help you become a savvy investor — if you know how to interpret them. You need the information [more…]

How to Read a Stock Table: Symbol, Dividend, and Yield

Major business publications like Investor’s Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal publish stock tables to help current and potential investors see a snapshot of a company’s stock. Yet this snapshot [more…]

Parts of a Stock Table: Price to Earnings Ratio, Day Last, and Net Change

Published in major business publications like Investor’s Business Daily, a stock table contains important information you need to track as a current stock owner or explore before you purchase stock from [more…]

Why Volume is Important to Stock Investment Decisions

Normally, when you hear the word “volume” on the news, it refers to how much stock investors bought and sold for the entire market. Volume is certainly important to watch because the stocks that you’re [more…]

Why Yield Is Important When Looking for Income-Producing Stock Investments

Because income stocks pay out dividends — income — to their investors you need to assess which stocks can give you the highest income. The main thing to look for is [more…]

Information to Consider for Value Stock Investments

In your investment decisions, when you look at purchasing stock in a company from a value-oriented perspective, here are some of the most important items to consider: [more…]

How to Invest in Human Need Stocks

In 2011, the world population passed another milestone — 7 billion! That can be a huge consideration when pondering your next stock investments. Think of all the mouths to feed . . . think food, water, [more…]

How to Benefit from Stock Investments in Energy

Fortunately for investors in the stock market, the energy sector has more opportunities than problems. The energy sector actually has something for many different types of investors: [more…]

Stock Investments in Gold and Precious Metals

Over the ages, gold (and silver) has come to be synonymous with wealth. In modern stock investment, gold has become known as an inflation hedge and investment insurance, especially during times of inflation [more…]

Stock Investments in Healthcare

Perhaps you’ve heard about the “graying of America.” This phrase obviously represents a firm megatrend in place. For stock investors, this megatrend is a purely demographic play, and the numbers are with [more…]

How to Identify the Effects of Politics on Stock Investments

Before and after election time, investors must keep a watchful eye on the proceedings. For stock investors, politics manifests itself as a major factor in investment-making decisions in many ways. [more…]

How to Ascertain the Political Climate for Your Stock Investments

The bottom line is that you as a stock investor ignore political realities at your own (economic) risk. To be and stay aware, ask yourself the following questions about the stock of each company in which [more…]

Nonsystemic and Systemic Effects of Political Decisions on Stock Investments

Government regulations can change the playing field in businesses. Therefore, the outcomes of politics can affect your stock investments in two basic ways: nonsystemic and systemic. [more…]

Effects of Price Controls and Central Banks on Stock Investments

Before and after election time, stock investors must keep a watchful eye on the proceedings. Election Day brings a new slate of politicians into office, and they in turn joust and debate on new rules and [more…]

How to Pick up Stock Investment Tips from Insider Activity

Insider stock buying is rarely negative for an investor — it either bodes well for the stock or is a neutral event at worst. But how about insider selling? When an insider sells his stock, the event can [more…]

Corporate Stock Buybacks for Investors

When you read the financial pages, you sometimes hear that a company is buying its own stock from investors. Why would a company do that, and what does that mean to you if you own the stock or are considering [more…]

How to Invest in Stock for Value and Growth

A stock is considered a growth stock when it’s growing faster and higher than the overall stock market. Basically, a growth stock performs better than its peers in categories such as sales and earnings [more…]

How to Invest in a Bearish Economy

Stocks are versatile in that you can make money from these investments even when they go down in value. Techniques range from using put options to going short, or doing a short sale of stock. [more…]

How Much Can You Afford to Invest in the Stock Market?

Whether you already own stocks or are looking to get into the stock market, you need to find out about how much money you can afford to invest. No matter what you hope to accomplish with your stock investing [more…]

Ups and Downs of Stock Market Speculation

The biggest point of speculating with your stock investments is that you’re putting your money where you think the rest of the market will be putting their money — before it happens. This is where the [more…]

Advanced Orders for Stock Investors

Stock brokers have added sophisticated capabilities to the existing repertoire of orders that are available for stock investors. One example is advanced orders, [more…]

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