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Evaluate Industry Performance to Determine Stock Value

Each industry responds differently and at different times to different variables. Understanding how each sector responds to cycles and policies in economy is very important for traders and investors alike [more…]

What Is Macroeconomics in the World of Corporate Finance?

Macroeconomics is the study of large-scale, collective economic management. It’s usually related to the national economy or other issues involving an aggregate of smaller economic entities. Macroeconomics [more…]

How to Evaluate Company Management for Potential Stock Investment

The management of a company is crucial to its success. Before you invest in a company’s stock, you want to know that the company’s management is doing a great job. How do you know whether management is [more…]

How to Evaluate IPO Stocks as Investment Options

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are the birthplaces of public stocks, or the proverbial ground floor for investors. The IPO is the first offering to the public of a company’s stock. The IPO is also referred [more…]

How to Analyze Small Cap Stocks before You Invest

The only difference for investors between a small cap stock and a large cap stock is a few zeros in their numbers and the fact that you need to do more research with small caps. By sheer dint of size, [more…]

Introduction to Types of Value for Stock Investors

Value may seem like a murky or subjective term, but it’s the essence of good stock-picking in your investment strategy. You can measure value in different ways, so you need to know the differences and [more…]

Introduction to Balance Sheets for Stock Investors

A company’s balance sheet is important for stock investors because it gives you a financial snapshot of what the company looks like in terms of the following equation: [more…]

How to Measure a Company’s Financial Strength

The logic behind the assets/liabilities relationship of a company whose stock you are considering investing in is the same as that of your own household. When you look at a snapshot of your own finances [more…]

Introduction to Income Statements for Stock Investors

Where do you look as a potential stock investor if you want to find out what a company’s profit is? Check out the firm’s income statement. It reports, in detail, a simple accounting equation that you probably [more…]

Income Statement for Stock Investors: Sales and Expenses

Two of the most important pieces of information you should know about a company before you invest in their stock are sales and expenses. You can find both of these pieces of information on the company’s [more…]

Income Statement: Profit Information for Stock Investors

Earnings or profit is the single most important item on the income statement for you to consider as a potential stock investor. It’s also the one that receives the most attention in the financial media [more…]

Introduction to Price-to-Earnings Ratios for Stock Investors

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is very important in analyzing a potential stock investment because it’s one of the most widely regarded barometers of a company’s value, and it’s usually reported along [more…]

How to Evaluate Price-to-Earnings Ratios as a Stock Investor

When someone refers to a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio as high or low, you have to ask the question, “Compared to what?” in order to get a valid evaluation of the stock investment. A P/E of 30 is considered [more…]

Introduction to the Price to Sales Ratio for Stock Investors

The price to sales ratio (PSR) is a company’s stock price divided by its sales. Because the sales number is rarely expressed as a per-share figure, it’s easier to divide a company’s total market value [more…]

Introduction to Annual Reports for Stock Investors

When you’re a regular stockholder, the company sends you its annual report. If you haven’t already invested in a company, contact the company’s shareholder service department for a hard copy or to get [more…]

The Annual Report for Stock Investors: Board Chair Letter and Company Offerings

As an investor in a company’s stock, you want to be able to understand its annual report. Not every company puts its annual report together in exactly the same way — the style of presentation varies. Every [more…]

The Annual Report for Stock Investors: Financial, Management, and Stock Information

Before you invest in stock from a particular company, you want to be aware of their financial information and other factors that could affect the future value of the company. The annual report tells you [more…]

How to Match Stocks and Strategies with Your Investment Goals

Various stocks are out there, as well as various investment approaches. The key to success in the stock market is matching the right kind of stock with the right kind of investment situation. You have [more…]

When to Use Bearish ETFs in Your Stock Portfolio

Most ETFs are bullish in nature because they invest in a portfolio of stocks that they expect to go up in due course. But some ETFs have a bearish focus. Bearish ETFs [more…]

How Indexes Can Give You Insight to ETF Investment Vehicles

For stock investors, ETFs that are bullish or bearish are ultimately tied to major market indexes. You should take a quick look at indexes to better understand them [more…]

Basic Economics for Stock Market Investors

A working knowledge of basic economics is crucial to your success and proficiency as a stock investor. The stock market and the economy are joined at the hip. The good [more…]

Past Investment Mistakes Are Great Teachers for Stock Purchases Today

Because most stock investors ignored some basic observations about economics in the late 1990s, they subsequently lost trillions in their stock portfolios during 2000–2002. [more…]

How to Keep Up with Financial News that Effects Investment Decisions

Reading the financial news can help you decide where or where not to invest when you are looking at buying more stocks. Many newspapers, magazines, and websites offer great coverage of the financial world [more…]

Stay Informed about Social Trends Relevant to Stock Investment

Information relative to your stock investments is not limited to the business world. Political decisions and societal and cultural trends can have major impacts on the performances of many business, and [more…]

How to Evaluate Stock Investment Tips

Never automatically invest in a stock just because you get a hot tip from someone. Good investment selection means looking at several sources before you decide on a stock. No shortcut exists. That said [more…]

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