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Creating Straddles and Strangles in Stock Trading

You can create a straddle when you simultaneously buy a put and a call for the same stock at the same strike price and of the same duration. You build a [more…]

Investing in Processing Natural Resources through Equity Markets

Although the futures markets offer the most direct gateway to the commodities markets, the equity markets enable you to invest in companies that specialize in the production, transformation, and distribution [more…]

What Are Commodities Exchange Traded Funds All About?

Many financial institutions are now offering commodities Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs. This new breed of ETF enables you to buy into a fund that offers the diversification inherent in a mutual fund, [more…]

Buying Stocks in Gold Mining Companies

One way to get exposure to gold is by investing in gold mining companies. A number of companies specialize in mining, processing, and distributing this precious metal. Here are a few of them: [more…]

Traditional Asset Classes in Hedge Funds

Although many hedge funds pursue strategies and assets known only to a well-informed few, most funds have some investment positions in ordinary investment classes. You may be surprised that these funds [more…]

How Seasonality Affects Investment Markets

Seasonality (also known as calendar effects)refers to the natural rise and fall of prices according to the time of year. Heating oil futures go up as winter heads for Chicago, for example, and prices of [more…]

How Much Should You Invest in Stocks and Stock Mutual Funds?

Asset allocation involves spreading your investments across diverse asset classes in an attempt to reduce the overall portfolio risk, while maintaining or increasing expected portfolio return. In other [more…]

Trading Order Types

A variety of order types are available to you when trading stocks; some guarantee execution, others guarantee price. This brief list describes popular types of trading orders and some of the trading terminology [more…]

Mandatory Reading List for Canadian Stock Investors

With so much information on newsstands and in your local library, it’s hard to know what are the best sources for stock investing information in Canada. This handy list tells you the five top resources [more…]

Top Ten Web Sites for Canadian Stock Investors

The Web is full of sites promising great stock investing information, but who can you trust? Here are ten sites that offer Canadian stock investors reliable, trustworthy stock investing news and commentary [more…]

Company Data Every Stock Investor Should Examine

Before you invest in a company’s stock, get a hold of its annual report and search out the following information. This data will let you know if a company’s stock is worth investing in. [more…]

The Best Financial Measures for Stock Investing

Financial ratios help investors find stocks that offer good value by giving numbers meaning an putting them into perspective. If you’re considering investing in a company’s stock, ensure that the company [more…]

The Ten Most Important Points about Stock Investing in Canada

Stock investing is a great way for Canadians to build wealth, but it can have its pitfalls. This list spells out the essentials every stock investor should remember. [more…]

Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Stock investing can be exciting, but it shouldn’t be a rollercoaster ride for Canadian investors. If you know how to read company reports and what financial measures to review, you’re more likely to pick [more…]

Stock Options Web Sites

If part of your compensation package includes stock options, check out the links to the Web sites in the following list. These Web sites offer investing information on employee stock ownership plans and [more…]

Questions to Ask before Accepting a Job Offer with Stock Options

Your potential new job includes stock options as part of your compensation package. Before you assume that having a financial interest in your new company is automatically a good thing, ask your new employer [more…]

Signs the Value of Your Stock Options Could Be in Trouble

You might not think about your stock options and their value very often, but the indicators in the following list are worth paying attention to. If the company is ill-run, the value of your stock options [more…]

Signs the Value of Your Stock Options Could Grow

The value of your stock options can fluctuate, and often the value is directly linked to how well the company is run. The qualities in the following list are signs that your stock options may be growing [more…]

Identifying the Beginning of a Bull Market in Canada

Boost your stock trading skills (and returns) up a notch by learning to recognize the signs of a bull market before your neighbours do. How will you know whether the Canadian economy is entering a bull [more…]

Identifying the Beginning of a Bear Market in Canada

As the stock market fluctuates, there are some key indicators that help Canadian traders spot a bear market. Learn how to recognize these first signs of an economic decline so you can strategize and be [more…]

Advice for Canadian Stock Traders in a Bear Market

When the economy takes a downturn in a bear market, your trading strategy as a Canadian investor should be to sell or short-sell fundamentally weak companies, enabling you to protect or even build your [more…]

Bull Market Stock Trading Tips for Canadian Investors

In a bull market, when the economy is booming, your stock trading strategy should be to buy fundamentally strong companies, which will (hopefully) earn you big returns — whether you're an investor in Canada [more…]

How to Use Fundamental and Technical Analysis in Canadian Trading

Successful stock traders use fundamental and technical analysis to forecast and strategize. Follow the steps for using these tools in the list below and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the secrets [more…]

Top Ten Stock Trading Web Sites for Canadians

The Internet is a valuable tool that stock traders can use to sharpen their skills. Canadian traders have a wealth of online resources available to them. The following list offers links to Web sites that [more…]

Trading For Canadians For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to make money as a successful stock trader in Canada, a few important tools can guide you down the right path. These articles offer helpful tips for developing strong trading skills like reading [more…]


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