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How Annuities Help Secure Your Future

Annuities are intended to help you save for retirement and supplement your retirement income. Various types of annuities can make your retirement more secure by helping you do the following: [more…]

What Is a Fixed Deferred Annuity?

A fixed deferred annuity is the insurance industry’s version of a savings account. The annuity helps you earn a modest rate of interest safely, and allows you to postpone the payment of income taxes on [more…]

What Is a Single-Year Guarantee Fixed Annuity?

The single-year guarantee fixed annuity is like an adjustable rate mortgage in reverse. With this annuity, the insurance company promises to pay you a certain rate of interest for one year. But each year [more…]

What Is a Multi-Year Guarantee Fixed Annuity?

A multi-year guarantee (MYG) fixed annuity is like a fixed-rate mortgage in reverse. You give a specific amount of money to an insurance company, and the insurer guarantees that your investment will earn [more…]

What Is a Market Value-Adjusted Fixed Annuity?

Although insurance companies usually assume your interest-rate risk when you buy a fixed annuity, that’s not always the case. With a market value-adjusted [more…]

The Benefits of Fixed Annuities as Investment Tools

Fixed deferred annuities offer safe, but low, returns and tax deferral. Risk-averse investors buy them when they offer higher interest rates than CDs, when the stock market is declining or appears headed [more…]

The Drawbacks of Fixed Annuities as Investments

Although fixed deferred annuities are a relatively safe investment, there are also reasons why people tend to shy away from them. They include the following: [more…]

Estimating (Or Ignoring) Your Social Security Benefits for Retirement

All your retirement income may not have to come from your savings. Do you have a company pension, did someone leave a bunch of money in a trust fund for you, or are you eligible for and planning to receive [more…]

The Best Places to Save for Retirement

You have many options for saving for retirement. However, 401(k), Roth IRAs, and other retirement plans have different strengths and weaknesses. The following is a listing of retirement savings options [more…]

How to Live off Your 401k without Going Broke

The biggest challenge most retirees are facing lately is how to draw down their retirement nest eggs without letting them run out. Here is a common sense approach that will protect your portfolio even [more…]

How to Benefit from the New 2010 IRA Conversion Rules

If you have funds in an individual retirement account, the federal government has afforded you a unique opportunity in 2010 to convert those funds to a Roth IRA. The Roth IRA can provide you with a tremendous [more…]

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