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How to Defer or Discharge Student Loan Debt

Under special circumstances, you can receive a deferment on the repayment of your federal student loans. You may even get your entire student loan debt forgiven [more…]

Requirements for Using Savings Bonds for College Expenses

To save for college tax-free using either Series EE or Series I savings bonds, the owner needs to be at least 24 years old on the first day of the month when the bond is issued. There are no exceptions [more…]

How to Pay College Expenses with Savings Bonds

You may use any sort of U.S. Treasury bonds, notes, and T-bills to pay for college expenses. Only Series EE and Series I savings bonds can be used to pay for postsecondary education costs without having [more…]

The Types of Federal Student Loans

Four major types of federal loans are available to students or their parents: Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Perkins Loans, and Consolidation Loans. Each type of loan is aimed at a different set of people [more…]

Tax-Deferred Ways to Save for College

Saving money for college (yours or your children’s) is a good thing, even when financial times are tough. Uncle Sam backs up that college-investment philosophy with a variety of savings programs that contain [more…]

What College Expenses Qualify for Payment with Savings Bonds?

If you’re planning on using savings bonds to pay for college, you need to know what expenses are qualified for the purpose of redeeming these bonds tax-free. Although U.S. Savings Bonds are safe and reliable [more…]

Saving for College via Section 529 Plans and Coverdell Accounts

Postsecondary education isn’t free. The costs of attending college are huge. 529 Savings Plans and Coverdell Accounts provide built-in tax incentives to help you save for college expenses. [more…]

Exploring Ways to Fund Your College Education

If you’re not able to save enough to cover the full cost of your (or your child's) secondary education, various scholarships, grants, and loan programs are available to cover shortfalls. Here are some [more…]

Saving for and Paying for Some of Your Child’s College Education

Do you think you’ll have enough income to cover your child’s college costs as she incurs them? If so, you may consider paying as you go. Or you may find a combination of savings and support from your current [more…]

Things to Consider When Planning for Your Child's College Education

Providing children with a college education is frequently a financial planning priority. When your kids are young, you have many college savings options. If your children are older, helping them pay for [more…]

Saving for Your Child’s College Education

When you have young children and surplus cash, saving for college costs in advance may be your best option. Assume that you want to have enough money available to pay for your newborn child to attend community [more…]

Savings Vehicles for Your Child's College Education

To save money to fund your children’s college education, you can open an Education Savings Account, take advantage of a 529 Plan, or invest in Series EE and I Savings Bonds. But how do these college savings [more…]

Available College Savings Plans

Do your research when you're deciding on a college savings plan — not all savings plans are created equal. What works best for your neighbor may not be the best choice for you. Listed below are some college [more…]

Eliminate Wasteful Spending to Save More for College

Trimming the fat from your budget is one way to start saving, or start saving more, for college. You can do this without cutting out the necessities or sacrificing the fun [more…]

Borrowing Money for Your Child's College Education

After you've tapped out all other options, borrowing money to pay for college is your last resort. Your student should exhaust her borrowing options before you consider taking on any debt to pay for her [more…]

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