Trend Trading

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Why Trend Trading Is So Effective

Trend trading is a common and long-standing approach to trading for good reason: It works! Following are some reasons why, so you don't have to blindly accept the premise — and also because understanding [more…]

Understand the Other "Energies" You Need to Trend Trade Profitably

As good as trend trading is, trend shouldn't not be the only factor in considering whether or not to take a trade. Other factors must be added to it to provide enough variables to create a probability [more…]

Managing Your Risk

All types of trading are risky, including trend trading. No matter what type of trading you do, not employing risk-management techniques in your trading is fiscally irresponsible. Here are few techniques [more…]

Trend Trading For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The practicality of trend trading is that you're waiting for the market to "show its hand" by establishing a clear direction and then jumping onboard for the ride. This handy Cheat Sheet provides an overview [more…]

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