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How to Interpret Technical Stock Analysis Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are the graphical language of technical analysis, and a very interesting language at that. For technical analysts, the pattern is important because it provides a potential harbinger for [more…]

How to Use Triangle, Flag, Pennant, Wedge, and Gap Patterns to Analyze Stocks

The language of technical analysis for stock investors, chart patterns can increase the odds that an analyst correctly predicts what will happen with a particular stock. [more…]

The Tools of the Stock Trader

Successful trading as an investment technique requires lots of diligent attention. Because stocks can go all over the place, the trader uses various tools to determine entry and exit points. [more…]

15 Technical Analysis Secrets for Boosting Your Trading Skills

Technical analysis can give you an edge in beating the stock market. How, exactly, do you do that? Here are 15 technical analysis secrets to becoming a skilled technical analysis trader: [more…]


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