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How to Find the Price-to-Earnings Ratio of an ETF

Online investors commonly look at the price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, of an individual stock to find out how expensive it is. The higher the P/E ratio, the more richly valued the stock is. But Exchange [more…]

Valuation Ratios Provide Insight into Stock Investment Value

Determining whether a stock is cheap or overvalued is an arduous process for online investors. Gaining insight into how pricey a stock is can be a full-time job, even for investment pros. Luckily, valuation [more…]

How to Evaluate a Stock’s Potential Return and Risk

If you’re investing online in a stock, you’d better get an ample return to make it worth your while. To increase your chances of getting a solid return, you can evaluate the potential return and risk of [more…]

How to Use the Dividend Discount Model

Using the dividend discount model is a great way for online investors to determine whether a stock is on sale. Sometimes investors get so wrapped up in the drama of online stock investing that they lose [more…]

How to Create an Online Stock Screen

Online investors often use stock-screening sites to make decisions about their investments. Many stock-screening sites exist, and they all work slightly differently, but once you choose a stock screening [more…]

Finding Stocks Using Trading-Pattern Variables

Online investors have all sorts of methods for picking which stocks to buy. Some investors examine trading-patterns to try to predict how a stock will behave. These investors, generally known as technical [more…]

How to Buy Individual Bonds Online

If you want to invest in bonds online, first you have to research the bonds that interest you. After you’ve found the perfect individual bond, you need to know how to buy it. You can buy bonds in several [more…]

Generating Risk-Adjusted Returns

Investing is all about managing risk, and here are two ways to approach risk management: (1) According to uber-investor Warren Buffet, Rule #1 of investing: Never lose money. Rule [more…]

Matching Commodities with Commodity Exchanges

The 20th century saw a proliferation of commodity exchanges around the world, with many based in the money centers of New York and Chicago. In the first decade of the 21st century, the industry experienced [more…]

Commodities and Emerging Markets

One of the driving forces behind the dynamic commodities markets are emerging markets, both from the demand side and also in terms of supply. Keep an eye on Brazil and China, two countries that tend to [more…]

Consulting Investment Regulatory Organizations

In the era after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the importance and responsibilities of market regulators have grown exponentially. The GFC exposed many deficiencies in the way markets and market [more…]

Growing Interest in Agricultural Commodities

Agricultural commodities are usually overshadowed by energy and metal commodities. Recently, however, investors have been eyeing agricultural commodities as traders become aware of the enormous importance [more…]

How Not to Overpay for Stocks when Investing Online

Even if you find a great company with a top-notch management team and popular products, it doesn’t mean you should buy the stock. The sad truth is you’re probably not the first or only person to know about [more…]

How to Choose an Online Stock Screening Site

Online investors can use stock screening sites to get in-depth analysis of thousands of publically traded stocks. Analysis helps you make wiser online investment decisions. Some sites even let you customize [more…]

How to Find Individual Bonds Online

Online investors can buy individual bonds using a mainstream online broker, that let investors buy bonds directly from the borrowers. They can also deal directly with brokers that specialize in bonds. [more…]

What to Look For in a Mutual Fund

Investors can select, monitor, and mutual funds online. When you’re shopping for a mutual fund, you want to have a checklist of all the things that are important to you. Pay attention to these details: [more…]

How to Buy Mutual Funds with an Online Broker

Just because you are an online investor doesn’t mean you can’t go through a broker. Nearly all online brokers let you buy mutual funds. Buying through a broker is convenient because your mutual fund holdings [more…]

How to Use Automated Tools to Study Stock Pricing

Several online tools can help online investors through the process of analyzing a stock’s valuation. The following list highlights sites that are excellent places to start to get you thinking about what [more…]

How to Choose the Right ETF for Your Online Investment Portfolio

As with mutual funds, one of the toughest things for online investors interested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is finding the right ones amid the hundreds of choices out there. But as with mutual funds [more…]

Online Investors’ Ten Most Common Questions

If you’re new to online investing, your mind might be overflowing with questions before you ever click the Buy or Sell button on your online brokerage’s website. And even if you’re an experienced investor [more…]

Ten Ways to Protect Your Investments and Identity Online

It’s up to you to do your homework when checking into any investments. Online tools make it easier than ever to sniff out unscrupulous people hawking investment products. Unfortunately, though, the Internet [more…]

Money Market Funds and Certificates of Deposit

If you’re looking for safe investments but want to get more interest than you’re getting in a bank savings account, you might consider money market funds or certificates of deposit: [more…]

How to Access Analyst Reports Online

Before you can analyze research reports for your online investments, you have to get your hands on them. Several techniques are available to do this online — some cost you money, but many don’t. The following [more…]

What Are International and Emerging Markets?

Before you can fully get the most out of your online investment strategies, you need to understand international stocks and emerging markets. The best way to understand them is, of course, to check out [more…]

Advantages to Investing Overseas

Figuring out new market indexes and international stocks is worth the hassle. Adding a bit of foreign market exposure to your portfolio gives you two major advantages: [more…]


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