Monitoring Your Investments & Allocating Assets

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How to Calculate Your Investment Returns

If you haven’t deposited money into or taken any money out of your brokerage account, it’s relatively easy to measure your rate of return for the year. Just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Use Diversification to Allocate Your Online Investments

Asset allocations let all the investments in your online portfolio blend together into a stew that will be most likely to generate the highest possible return for the lowest amount of risk. The advantages [more…]

Access Economic Reports for Wise Online Investing

Smart online investors closely monitor the health of the economy. They look for any sign the economy is speeding up, slowing down, or going sideways. They rapidly buy or sell stocks if their opinion changes [more…]

How to Find Earnings Reports for Wise Online Investing

Online investors use earnings reports to make investment decisions. Your stock’s ultimate value will be determined by how profitable the company is in the long term. Earnings reports tell you how much [more…]

Where to Find Financial Info for Smart Online Investing

When you are investing online, keeping up with what's going on in the world of finance is key to financial success. To make informed decisions, you can monitor industry changes, company mergers, market [more…]

How to Calculate Your Online Portfolio's Risk

Before you can measure how risky your online investment portfolio is, you must first calculate its average yearly return. Take your annual returns to measure your portfolio's average annual return. You [more…]

How to Download and Read Financial Statements

Financial statements are detailed documents that show online investors all the important numbers from a company, ranging from how profitable it is to how financially secure it is. Most of the detailed [more…]

How to Gauge Companies' Financial Growth Rates Using Reuters Online

Examining financial statements can help make you a smart online investor. Reuters financial news service enables you to look for patterns or for things that don’t fit a company’s usual trend, such as a [more…]

How to Use Online Tools to Measure Investment Performance

Online performance-measurement tools can help you check how well your online investment portfolio is doing — quickly and easily. Automated tools generally fall into four main categories: financial software [more…]

How to Find Your Perfect Asset Allocation

The savvy online investor manages her investment portfolio by allocating assets. Asset allocation and diversification help you spread your risk across various types of online investments. You can calculate [more…]

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