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How to Choose the Right Brokerage Account for Online Investing

Online investors are unlikely to have tax consultants on retainer, so they need to know how picking the right kind of account can lower their tax bills. Brokerage accounts might all seem the same; after [more…]

How Capital Gains Are Taxed

People who invest online are usually do-it-yourself investors. Without a tax consultant for guidance, online investors need to understand how the money they earn while investing is taxed. That means understanding [more…]

Online Tools to Help Determine Investment Risk

Before you start to invest online, you need to know how much you can invest. Most beginning online investors are so interested in finding stocks that make them rich overnight that they lose sight of risk [more…]

How to Save Money So You Can Afford Online Investing

If you want to be an online investor, you must find ways to spend less money now so that you can save the excess. Here are a few things you can do now to help you change from being a consumer to an investor [more…]

How to Turn Your PC into an Online Trading Station

If you are investing online, you need ways to access the kind of financial information that will help you make smart choices with your investments. You can turn your computer into a market-monitoring station [more…]

Comparing Sage One Cashbook and Sage One Accounts

Sage One offers two easy-to-use online accounting services – Sage One Accounts for small business owners and Sage One Cashbook for sole traders who need a simple online cash-based system. This table helps [more…]

How to Track Investment News Online

As an online investor, you will need to stay on top of all sorts of market news. In addition to tracking your stocks on the Dow or S&P, you might want to track other market activities, like the ones listed [more…]

How to Get Financial Information from the SEC

If you are an online investor, you can use your computers to keep tabs on regulatory filings from companies just as professional investors do. If companies make any significant announcements, they’re required [more…]

How to Avoid Hidden Online Trading Fees

When you invest online, the stock trade commission is likely the fee you’ll pay the most often, so it’s wise to pay the most attention to it. But don’t think it’s the only fee online investors have to [more…]

How Dividends Work

If you are investing online and have a taxable brokerage account, you need to understand dividends. Dividends are paid based on how many shares you own. If a company declares a [more…]

How to Start Investing: List Assets According to Liquidity

In investing, liquidity refers to how quickly you can convert a particular asset into cash. If you know the liquidity of your assets, including investments, you have some options when you need cash. [more…]

How to Start Investing: List Your Liabilities

In financial and investing circles, liabilities are simply the bills that you’re obligated to pay, whether it’s a credit card bill or a mortgage payment. If you don’t keep track of your liabilities, you [more…]

How to Start Investing: Calculate and Analyze Your Net Worth

Your net worth is an indication of your total wealth. You can calculate your net worth with this basic equation: total assets, including investments, less total liabilities equal net worth [more…]

How to Fund Your Stock Investment Program

If you’re going to invest money in stocks, the first thing you need is . . . money! Where can you get that money? The challenge comes down to how to fund your stock program. [more…]

How to Define Your Financial Goals for Investment

Consider stocks as tools for living, just like any other investment — no more, no less. Stocks are among the many tools you use to accomplish something — to achieve a goal. Yes, successfully investing [more…]

Online Tutorials and Simulations for Online Investors

Online investing is like Vegas in that you get no do-overs. If you invest all your money in a speculative company that goes belly up, you lose your money. Period. Don't expect the government to bail you [more…]

Until Death Do You Part: Ownership of Taxable Online Investment Accounts

When you set up an online brokerage account, you'll be asked whose name it should be put in. This seemingly mundane question can have serious tax consequences. Sorry to be morbid here, but death is the [more…]

How to Set Up an Online IRA

Practically everyone can fund an IRA if he or she has the money. But IRAs are especially attractive if you don't have access to a 401(k) at work (perhaps because you're self-employed) or if the 401 [more…]

529 College Savings Plans Online

Some of the great things about 529 plans are that they're easy to sign up for, you can fund them without worrying about tax laws for the most part, and the investments are pretty much preselected. The [more…]

What Reviewers Think About Online Brokerage Firms

It can be overwhelming to parse through all the online brokers' commissions because there appear to be more moving parts than in a Swiss watch. Minimum requirements and fees vary, and it's hard to know [more…]

Cutting the Cord: Mobile Trading

Sometimes you do need to check up on your account even when you're not sitting behind a computer at your desk. To help, plenty of brokers are providing wireless access to account information so that customers [more…]

Wireless Security and Online Investing

Security is a serious concern when dealing with your money, but when you access your stock data wirelessly, especially from a public area, you need to pay special attention to security. Here are three [more…]

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