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How to Buy Mutual Funds with an Online Broker

Just because you are an online investor doesn’t mean you can’t go through a broker. Nearly all online brokers let you buy mutual funds. Buying through a broker is convenient because your mutual fund holdings [more…]

How to Download and Read Financial Statements

Financial statements are detailed documents that show online investors all the important numbers from a company, ranging from how profitable it is to how financially secure it is. Most of the detailed [more…]

How to Gauge Companies' Financial Growth Rates Using Reuters Online

Examining financial statements can help make you a smart online investor. Reuters financial news service enables you to look for patterns or for things that don’t fit a company’s usual trend, such as a [more…]

How to Use Online Tools to Measure Investment Performance

Online performance-measurement tools can help you check how well your online investment portfolio is doing — quickly and easily. Automated tools generally fall into four main categories: financial software [more…]

How to Find Your Perfect Asset Allocation

The savvy online investor manages her investment portfolio by allocating assets. Asset allocation and diversification help you spread your risk across various types of online investments. You can calculate [more…]

How to Use Automated Tools to Study Stock Pricing

Several online tools can help online investors through the process of analyzing a stock’s valuation. The following list highlights sites that are excellent places to start to get you thinking about what [more…]

How to Choose the Right ETF for Your Online Investment Portfolio

As with mutual funds, one of the toughest things for online investors interested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is finding the right ones amid the hundreds of choices out there. But as with mutual funds [more…]

Online Investors’ Ten Most Common Questions

If you’re new to online investing, your mind might be overflowing with questions before you ever click the Buy or Sell button on your online brokerage’s website. And even if you’re an experienced investor [more…]

Ten Ways to Protect Your Investments and Identity Online

It’s up to you to do your homework when checking into any investments. Online tools make it easier than ever to sniff out unscrupulous people hawking investment products. Unfortunately, though, the Internet [more…]

Money Market Funds and Certificates of Deposit

If you’re looking for safe investments but want to get more interest than you’re getting in a bank savings account, you might consider money market funds or certificates of deposit: [more…]

How to Access Analyst Reports Online

Before you can analyze research reports for your online investments, you have to get your hands on them. Several techniques are available to do this online — some cost you money, but many don’t. The following [more…]

What Are International and Emerging Markets?

Before you can fully get the most out of your online investment strategies, you need to understand international stocks and emerging markets. The best way to understand them is, of course, to check out [more…]

Advantages to Investing Overseas

Figuring out new market indexes and international stocks is worth the hassle. Adding a bit of foreign market exposure to your portfolio gives you two major advantages: [more…]

Where to Find Out More about International Investing Online

But wait a second. Before you sign up for the international stock thing, you need to know the downside of being fully diversified. Just as foreign stocks can beat U.S. stocks, sometimes, the opposite also [more…]

How to Trade Foreign Stocks

Are you ready to add a little international flair to your portfolio? Now’s the time to get the trades done online. There are four main ways to buy foreign stocks: [more…]

What Is Technical Analysis?

You can usually spot technical analysts by just looking at their computer screens. Rather than having earnings reports and industry profiles on the display, a technical analyst’s screen is filled with [more…]

The Information You Get from Online Stock Quotes

When you enter a stock symbol in just about any online quote service, you get more than just a stock price or quote. The following table shows you the information you’ll typically get from these quote [more…]

How Technical Analysts Interpret Price Trends

Technical analysts pay close attention to stocks that are rapidly rising or falling because they think trends like these can continue. Moving averages are the tools commonly used to find stocks on the [more…]

How Technical Analysts Interpret Volume

Volume is the number of shares trading hands in a day. Technical analysts pay close attention to volume as an indication of how much conviction there is behind stock price movements. It makes sense, right [more…]

How Technical Analysts Interpret Patterns

Technical analysts look for all sorts of patterns in stock charts. One pattern you might hear about is a channel, a low and high price a stock tends to stick between. [more…]

Let Websites Read Stock Charts for You

There’s no shortage of websites that promise to help you read the message of the markets buried inside stock charts. If you’d rather have the computer help you find stock price patterns, consider using [more…]

How to Invest in Initial Public Offerings

Individual investors are very interested in initial public offerings, or IPOs. In an IPO, companies sell pieces of themselves to public investors. Shares are first snapped up by large institutions and [more…]

The Risks of Initial Public Offerings

The idea of initial public offerings (IPOs) is alluring and irresistible to many investors. Companies that go public are often in industries of great interest to investors at the time. IPO companies also [more…]

How to Pick the Good IPOs from the Not-So-Good

The websites listed in the preceding section provide data and commentary about initial public offerings (IPOs) to help you find the ones with the best prospects. Even so, IPO investing is tricky. Pros [more…]

The Unique Risks of Investing Internationally

Foreign investing comes with some unique risks. None of the risks are deal killers, but they're still important for you to be aware of, including the following: [more…]


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