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How to Choose the Right Brokerage Account for Online Investing

Online investors are unlikely to have tax consultants on retainer, so they need to know how picking the right kind of account can lower their tax bills. Brokerage accounts might all seem the same; after [more…]

How Capital Gains Are Taxed

People who invest online are usually do-it-yourself investors. Without a tax consultant for guidance, online investors need to understand how the money they earn while investing is taxed. That means understanding [more…]

How to Open Your Brokerage Account

After you’ve made the decision about which broker to help you manage your online investments, the hard work is done. All you need to do to get started is open an account and get your cash to the broker [more…]

Choosing How to Hold Your Online Investments

The biggest factor that influences how your online investments will make their way to Wall Street depends on how you hold your shares. Street name ownership is the most common with most online brokers. [more…]

How Online Investment Trading Works

When you buy or sell a stock on your online broker’s site, your order is usually filled in seconds. But, before that transaction is completed, in milliseconds your order snakes its way through an advanced [more…]

How to Trade in Stocks Online

Trading in stocks online is not like shopping at your local major retailer, where prices are set. Because investments are priced in real time through active bidding between buyers and sellers, there are [more…]

How to Sell Stock Short

Ordinarily when you invest in stocks online, you hope to profit from a company’s good times and rising profits. But there’s a whole other class of investors, called [more…]

Online Tools to Help Determine Investment Risk

Before you start to invest online, you need to know how much you can invest. Most beginning online investors are so interested in finding stocks that make them rich overnight that they lose sight of risk [more…]

Buying Stocks and Mutual Funds without a Broker

Can you be an online investor without a broker? Sure. Some online investors want to buy stocks but don’t want to bother with a broker. There’s nothing that says you need to have a broker to buy and sell [more…]

How to Trade in Options Online

One way to invest money online is to buy options. If you own an option, you have the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an investment, including shares of stock by a certain preset time in the [more…]

How to Calculate Your Investment Returns

If you haven’t deposited money into or taken any money out of your brokerage account, it’s relatively easy to measure your rate of return for the year. Just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Determine a Company’s Worth

Online investors can use a company’s worth to determine whether to invest with them. To learn more about companies you might want to invest in, you can study the income statement, the balance sheet, and [more…]

How to Use Diversification to Allocate Your Online Investments

Asset allocations let all the investments in your online portfolio blend together into a stew that will be most likely to generate the highest possible return for the lowest amount of risk. The advantages [more…]

How to Find an Investment Club

To connect with other online investors, you might consider an investment club. Investment clubs are typically gatherings of investors in a certain geographic area who meet at a local restaurant or a member’s [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Reach Other Online Investors

Online investors may not know a lot of other investors. One way to interact with other investors is to use social networking sites, like Twitter. Ways you might use Twitter as an online investor include [more…]

How to Use Facebook for Investing Online

Face it, online investors need access to information and it’s helpful to find ways to talk with other investors. Facebook might not seem like a place where much business is taking place, but Facebook can [more…]

How to Find the Price-to-Earnings Ratio of an ETF

Online investors commonly look at the price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, of an individual stock to find out how expensive it is. The higher the P/E ratio, the more richly valued the stock is. But Exchange [more…]

Valuation Ratios Provide Insight into Stock Investment Value

Determining whether a stock is cheap or overvalued is an arduous process for online investors. Gaining insight into how pricey a stock is can be a full-time job, even for investment pros. Luckily, valuation [more…]

How to Evaluate a Stock’s Potential Return and Risk

If you’re investing online in a stock, you’d better get an ample return to make it worth your while. To increase your chances of getting a solid return, you can evaluate the potential return and risk of [more…]

How to Use the Dividend Discount Model

Using the dividend discount model is a great way for online investors to determine whether a stock is on sale. Sometimes investors get so wrapped up in the drama of online stock investing that they lose [more…]

How to Create an Online Stock Screen

Online investors often use stock-screening sites to make decisions about their investments. Many stock-screening sites exist, and they all work slightly differently, but once you choose a stock screening [more…]

Finding Stocks Using Trading-Pattern Variables

Online investors have all sorts of methods for picking which stocks to buy. Some investors examine trading-patterns to try to predict how a stock will behave. These investors, generally known as technical [more…]

How to Buy Individual Bonds Online

If you want to invest in bonds online, first you have to research the bonds that interest you. After you’ve found the perfect individual bond, you need to know how to buy it. You can buy bonds in several [more…]

How to Save Money So You Can Afford Online Investing

If you want to be an online investor, you must find ways to spend less money now so that you can save the excess. Here are a few things you can do now to help you change from being a consumer to an investor [more…]

How to Turn Your PC into an Online Trading Station

If you are investing online, you need ways to access the kind of financial information that will help you make smart choices with your investments. You can turn your computer into a market-monitoring station [more…]

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