Managing Your Investment Portfolio

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Hedge Funds Targeting Investment Trusts

A small but hardy band of hedge-fund activists focus their attention on specialist funds that have listed on the stock market – called investment trusts in the UK. Investment trust shares are listed on [more…]

The Future of Shareholder Activism

The future is looking pretty bright for shareholder activists in the UK, which is good news because an awful lot of new players appear to be entering this highly specialist investment space. Activists [more…]

Structured Products for Your Investment Portfolio

The humble structured product, otherwise known in the UK as a structured investment (the two terms are used interchangeably) is introduced here. Structured products contain within them a promise that’s [more…]

Investments with a Defined Return

Structured products and investments for your portfolio in the UK can also be sensibly termed ‘defined return’ strategies, in that they attempt to provide the investor with a . . . wait for it . . . defined [more…]

Structured Investment Products: The Zero

The zero’s origins lie back in the late 1990s, when fund managers in the UK investment trust sector realised that many investors were happy to receive a fixed annual return that could be rolled up and [more…]

Seek a Predictable Regular Return: The Autocall

Over the years financial product designers and marketing types in the UK have constantly tinkered with the basic zero structure, with perhaps the most important innovation being the [more…]

Use Bear and Bull Accelerators to Gear Up Your Investment Returns

Some structured investment products in the UK are based on the concept of leverage or geared returns; that is, you receive a multiple of the returns from an underlying index. These [more…]

Examine the Components of Structured Investment Products

Opponents of structured investment products in the UK love to talk up the risks and then in a solemn voice intone that they’re fiendishly complex and the work of clever rocket scientists out to diddle [more…]

Understand the Structured Products You Invest In

Closely examining any investment product available in the UK should alert you to the risks involved – some of the structured products sold on the market can be very complicated and potentially toxic even [more…]

Time Your Purchase for Structured Investments

Investors in the UK can choose from structured investment products for their portfolio. The options and bonds built into a structured investment can come across as a tad complicated on first inspection [more…]

Mix and Match Investment Products for Maximum Impact

Volatility is a horribly double-edged sword, but smart investors in the UK can hedge their bets by using structured investments and products wisely. They buy products with a generous structure [more…]

Think Seriously about Leverage for Your Investment Portfolio

Leveraging in the UK clearly has its risks and dangers. Many voices are out there telling investors leveraging is always bad. For balance read some of the strategy’s advocates. [more…]

Types and Forms of Leveraging in Investments

Your investment portfolio in the UK may contain forms of leveraged investments. Not all forms of leverage involve spending someone else’s money; it can work in different ways. Three main forms of leverage [more…]

Buying Stocks on Margin in the UK

As a private UK investor you can’t run a private equity fund, but you can use a margin account to take advantage of leverage. Most stock brokers willingly set you up a margin account that lets you borrow [more…]

Investment Leverage Basics

Many investors in the UK already engage in some form of leveraging, borrowing money carefully and diligently – having a mortgage is an example. But you don’t just buy any old house with hundreds of thousands [more…]

The Risks of Leveraging in Investments

Clearly the main leverage risk for you as far as your investment portfolio in the UK is what happens if you borrow too much money and the cost of leverage starts to work against your investment. [more…]

Make Leverage Work For Your Investments

Using leverage in your investment portfolio in the UK is probably suitable only for professional investors (such as hedge funds) or affluent, sophisticated investors. Here’s what you need: [more…]

What Is Growth Investing?

For many UK investors, stocks and shares are all about the search for growth stocks, where they can reap huge rewards from a share price that goes up many times in value. Here, look at this perhaps most [more…]

Understand the Key Measures for Your Investment Portfolio

In order to describe the old-school investment approach used in the UK, investors use important company financial attributes. These measures take a specific security and then attempt to look at the fundamentals [more…]

Growth-Investing Basics for Your Investment Portfolio

Growth-investors in the UK are investors who focus only on companies that are growing quickly and can deliver massive returns. They love talking about fundamental measures and numbers, focusing on balance [more…]

Hold Some Cash in Your Investment Portfolio

If you decide to use leveraging in your investment portfolio in the UK, make sure you understand all the risks and benefits. You have one almost failsafe way of controlling the risks involved with leverage [more…]

Search For the Elusive Tenbagger

The hunt for amazing-performing growth stocks sometimes translates into one much used, and abused, word – the wonderfully elusive tenbagger of stock-market lore! A [more…]

4 Value Investing Tips

The first great value investor Ben Graham believed that you make money by focusing. The path to true riches lies in a relentless focus on good value and a margin of safety. When you choose to invest hard-earned [more…]

What is Value Investing?

Many UK investors instinctively find themselves balking at excited talk of growth stocks and tenbaggers. Deep down they sense that they’re being sucked – or even suckered – into an economic bubble. More [more…]

Consider the Risks of Value Investing

Two words beautifully sum up the worries of many mainstream investors as they approach value investing: value and trap. In layperson’s language, you can discover an undervalued gem, with a wonderful balance [more…]


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