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Weigh Up Trading Strategies for Writing Calls

The really big problem with the trading strategy of writing covered calls in the UK and around the world is if the share price collapses, dropping below your break-even point in the process: at what point [more…]

Profit from the Shareholder Activist Strategy

Like other hedge-fund strategies, the shareholder activist approach is also based on owning large-cap shares (shares in companies valued at US$10 billion or more). This time, however, it involves investors [more…]

Find Suitable ‘At Risk’ Candidates

Activist managers in the world of hedge funds have been around forever and value investors in the US have been turning up at the gates of the giant corporates since the end of the Second World War. [more…]

Merger Arbitrage

Merger arbitrage is a strategy largely targeted at blue chip companies in the UK and around the world, which focuses on price discrepancies that open up during mergers and acquisitions [more…]

The Earnings Surprise Strategy

Hedge-fund managers in the UK and around the world sometimes use a blue chip share strategy that focuses on one of the most closely analysed aspects of corporate performance: profits, also known as [more…]

Seek out Surprise Stocks

As a UK investor you can easily monitor quarterly earnings announcements, which for the most part happen when the markets are closed. US-based publications such as [more…]

Economic Bubbles

Every UK investor needs to understand a simple economic cycle: how economic bubbles periods of madly trading assets whose market value far outpaces the assets’ actual worth — emerge. [more…]

Technical Analysis of Market Trends

Markets, in the UK and around the world, sometimes move like a swarm or herd, pushing prices up or down based on a trend. This insight has spawned a huge amount of interest in what’s called [more…]

Make Market Volatility Work for You

Investors are timid creatures, despite their protestations to the contrary. The language of financial markets in the UK and around the world may feature muscular terms such as rampaging bulls and ravenous [more…]

Making (or Losing!) Money from Volatility: Key Trends and Tactics

A small army of professional investors in the UK and around the world watch the volatility indices like hawks. These so-called vol traders have spent much of the last decade minutely examining volatility [more…]

Three Economic Rates that Matter: Inflation, Interest and Exchange

Crucial to the subject of economic cycles are three simple rates and their impact on the wider economy and thus financial markets in the UK and around the world: the inflation rate, the interest rate and [more…]

The Importance of the Business Cycle

In the UK market and around the world, the longer-term GDP growth rate interacts with shorter-term interest and inflation rates with something called the [more…]

Consider Commodities as an Investment

The global commodity business is absolutely enormous. It encompasses a huge assortment of individual commodities, ranging from stuff everyone knows about and despairs paying for [more…]

The World of Commodities

All the different commodity prices in varying places provide a potential profit-making opportunity for the smart investor, especially among the hedge-fund community in the UK and around the world. Financial [more…]

Examine Spot Prices versus the Futures Index

Whenever you watch TV reports about increasing commodity prices, the spot price of the commodity usually gets a mention (sometimes followed by an off-the-cuff, grim warning about future riots and the collapse [more…]

Sift through the Different Commodity Indices

Investing in commodities is relatively straightforward after you get a grip on the issue of spot versus futures prices. Instead of bravely towing an oil tanker out off the coast of Saudi Arabia and touting [more…]

Methods for Investing in Commodities

A vast amount of opportunity exists in the world of commodities for advanced UK investors and traders. Hundreds of hedge funds focus on the commodity markets, using all sorts of strategies, some of which [more…]

Invest in Currencies

Many hedge funds like to dabble in currencies — they positively adore the depth and liquidity of these markets ‒ but you don’t find many private UK investors [more…]

Swot Up on FX Basics

Currency trading in the UK and around the world is fairly simple and involves a trade in which you buy one currency and sell another — betting that the first is going to rise in value against its counterpart [more…]

Make Money from FX Markets

In simple terms, FX markets offer the perfect environment for the active UK trader: liquid, deep markets that offer cost-effective trades, simple structures and lots of leverage — you simply have to supply [more…]

Hedge Fund Activist Basics

Shareholder activism in the UK is when minority shareholders (often hedge funds) exercise and enforce their rights with the aim of increasing shareholder value over the long term. [more…]

Practicalities and Legalities of Shareholder Activist Campaigns

The practicalities and legalities of hedge fund activism differs in the US and the UK. The UK regulatory environment is much more favourable to incumbent management, meaning that shareholders can much [more…]

Use the Hedge-Fund Advantages

In their battles to improve shareholder returns, UK hedge funds face stiff competition from pension funds, corporate raiders and private equity groups keen to take their target company private – that is [more…]

Who Benefits from Hedge Fund Activism?

Investing in a hedge fund that uses shareholder activism is an option for many UK investors. Hedge funds aren’t altruistic: they shake things up at the corporate level in order to make money! But sometimes [more…]

How Hedge Fund Activists Select Target Companies

The sad truth is that not every company listed on the UK or the US markets is run well. Even more importantly, many companies are technically well run [more…]


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