Managing Your Investment Portfolio

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Measuring the Risk of Bond Default

Bond investors in the UK worry about risk and in particular the chance of issuers defaulting on their bonds (which usually means that bond investors don’t get their money back). Therefore, concerns about [more…]

Emerging Markets for Your Investment Portfolio

The remorseless rise of hedge funds has occurred in an era of unprecedented globalisation, but this is no coincidence. Over the last 40 years UK investors have seen the financial system spread its tentacles [more…]

Identify Emerging Markets for Your Investment Portfolio

To discover which countries comprise the EM (emerging market) asset class, check out the equity-market index that many mainstream and hedge-fund managers use as a benchmark. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index [more…]

Look at Hedge Funds and EM Investment Funds

Crucially, hedge funds can offer UK investors exposure to sophisticated EM investments, including commodities, property, currencies and derivatives.

Hedge funds have become more and more active in EMs [more…]

EM Investment Funds

Many UK investors pulled money out of EM (emerging market) funds in the recent crisis, but by 2010 the market was growing again. By summer 2012 the number of EM hedge funds had reached an all-time high [more…]

Build a Balanced Portfolio

The basic building block for any investor in the UK is the humble portfolio, a long list of assets held within your stock-broking or investing account. [more…]

Diversify Your Investments

Many UK investors intrinsically understand the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket and probably practise a primitive form of diversification. Academic economists have taken this commonsense [more…]

Mix and Match Different Betas: Correlation

The concept of diversification means that lots of different kinds of markets (in the UK and around the world) and assets (bonds mixed with shares and, say, an alternative asset such as commodities) can [more…]

Integrate Endowment Model Principles in Your Own Portfolio

The recent return to form for large endowment funds in the UK and around the world tells you an important fact — over the long term, the endowment model delivers exceptional returns in a relatively stable [more…]

Love Your Hedge-Fund Manager

Preserving your capital is a vital aspect of any investment strategy in the UK and around the world. Your accumulated long-term savings are the product of many years of hard work and yet they can be destroyed [more…]

Balance Risk and Age: Lifecycle Investing

Your age impacts heavily on the type of investments you need to be making. For example, an ordinary UK investor in his twenties is much more able to withstand losses from an investment strategy because [more…]

Change Investment Strategies Throughout Life: The Glidepath

The supposedly simple process of constructing a mix of assets that can be used as the building blocks of a single portfolio and can change over time, has evolved into a complex research literature at whose [more…]

Delve Deeper into Risk

Intuitively everyone understands the simple concept of the risk/return trade-off. As your appetite for greater potential returns grows, so must your willingness to take on more risk. You don’t get something [more…]

Assess Your Preferred Risk Level

Age and risk are intimately connected. Generally older people are more cautious about risk and younger investors are better able to withstand risks that may deplete their wealth. But attitude to risk isn’t [more…]

How to Choose the Right Investment for You

After taking a look at your present circumstances, investment goals and risk attitude, you want to ensure that you pick the appropriate financial products. Fully understanding the risk/return trade-off [more…]

Advanced Portfolio Thinking: Absolute Returns

UK investors don’t have to believe blindly in the notion that shares and bonds always increase in value. They absolutely don’t and in reality key asset classes can be a dreadful idea, not just for a few [more…]

Decide Whether Hedging or Shorting Are for You

Hedge-fund and absolute-return managers frequently get bad press from many UK investment commentators. The common charges centre on concerns about poor performance and high costs, plus a smattering of [more…]

Investigate Alternative Assets and Strategies

Looking at asset classes that may move in a different way is another form of hedging — in other words, maintaining the value of your capital even in falling markets, in the UK and around the world. One [more…]

Investment Strategies: Consider Gearing Up

A small but growing band of investors in the UK has taken a stand against the noise of the markets, deliberately eschewing their frenetic hyperactivity. These investors don’t sit tight and ignore the markets [more…]

Know Your Own and Other People’s Limitations

One risk to your investment is lurking in the background that you may not be aware of: you! Quite rightly you want to research new ideas and strategies but that extra effort needs to be accompanied with [more…]

Treat Companies as Couples: Pairs Trading

In pairs trading (in the UK and around the world) you find a pair of historically correlated stocks and, when the correlation weakens (when one stock goes up while the other stays the same or goes down [more…]

Put Pairs Trading to Work for You

Running a pairs-based strategy (in the UK and around the world) is remarkably straightforward — all you require is a flexible stockbroker willing to offer you the ability to go short a stock, some margin [more…]

Assess the Pros and Cons of Pairs Trading

Pairs trading is a relatively simple-to-understand strategy — and one that ordinary UK investors can copy easily if they have access to online fundamentals-based data sources. [more…]

Covered Call Writing and Options

Many UK hedge-fund managers focus their interest on blue chips: that is, large, liquid stocks in well-known companies. These stocks are hugely attractive to hedge funds because so much is available to [more…]

Discover How Covered Calls Work

As a UK investor, imagine that you have 10,000 BP shares worth 470 pence each. You think that they’re unlikely to go up and that they may indeed fall slightly in the near future. However, you still want [more…]


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