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Spread-Bet Basics for Your Investment Portfolio

Spread betting is a specific type of gambling in which you win not by picking a winner or loser, per se, but by correctly identifying whether the actual outcome is higher or lower than the stated range [more…]

Spread Betting for Your Portfolio and the Concept of Margin

Spread betting is traded on margin, which means that when you open a trade you need to place a deposit of only a percentage of the position’s total value. [more…]

Spread-Betting Basics for Your Investment Portfolio

Betting on financial markets has boomed in the last decade. Many British companies, such as IG Index, lead the world with a whole heap of new innovations and cutting-edge websites. Without doubt, these [more…]

Spread Betting for Your Investment Portfolio in Action

Place yourself in the position of an advanced investor in the UK looking to put your money where your mouth is and get down and dirty with spread betting. Here check out such essentials as deciding on [more…]

Practical Issues for Spread Betting in the UK

Here are some spread-betting techniques and approaches you might want to use for your investment portfolio in the UK. You need to think about a few basic features when operating a spread-betting account [more…]

The Downsides of Spread Betting in the UK

With spread betting (is a specific type of gambling legal in the UK in which you win not by picking a winner or loser, per se, but by correctly identifying whether the actual outcome is higher or lower [more…]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Spread Betting in the UK

Today, spread betting is the biggest and most common form of financial betting in the UK. Quite simply, you bet on a financial market with a spread of prices and returns based on the likely direction of [more…]

Contract for Difference Trades for Your Investment Portfolio

A mainstream alternative to spread bets in the UK is the humble contract for difference (CFD), which is similar to a spread bet in most ways but uses a slightly different structure. A CFD is an agreement [more…]

The Advantages of CFDs in the UK

CFDs are incredibly popular with many mainstream investors, especially those who deal in smaller company shares and more exotic markets. CFDs make great sense [more…]

The Risks of CFDs in the UK

Of course, inevitable and major worries apply to using CFDs in your investment portfolio in the UK. As with all spread bets, CFDs are geared, leveraged financial instruments and that introduces a number [more…]

Exchange-Traded Funds for Your Investment Portfolio

Investing in the UK by picking an individual company or bond introduces specific risks. Perhaps some of your individual bets go wrong, exposing your limited ability to stock-pick individual shares successfully [more…]

Invest in the S&P 500 Index with SPY

To minimise the risks involved in managing your investment portfolio, you can invest in the UK in an index-tracking fund (also called exchange-traded products [more…]

Physical Replication Trackers for Your Investment Portfolio

The physical tracking structure is the norm in the US market, and as an investor in the UK you can also take advantage of this big investing idea, which is as easy as investing in an ordinary share but [more…]

Synthetic Trackers for Your Investment Portfolio in the UK

In the UK you have the option of investing in synthetic tracking funds. The risks of physical-replicating ETFs (exchange-traded funds) have caused people to create an alternative fund, called the [more…]

The Risks of Synthetic Tracking Funds

The debate between physical and synthetic tracking has become heated in recent years and many investors in the UK have what can seem like an irrational distrust of synthetic ETFs. Pros and cons exist for [more…]

Get Started Investing in ETFs

If you’re wondering who’s using these new-fangled ETFs (exchange-traded funds) in the UK, the answer is everyone! The ETF revolution is truly global – new providers are springing up in almost every part [more…]

An Exchange Traded Funds FAQ

Here are answers to a few common questions that investors in the UK often pose as regards to ETPs and ETFs: [more…]

Tracker Funds for Your Investment Portfolio – ETFs and Beyond

Investors in the UK and all over the world have tinkered and adapted the basic ETF (exchange traded funds) model, producing a number of structures built around the simple idea of index tracking via a fund [more…]

The Importance of Bonds for Your Investment Portfolio

For many reasons, many institutional investors prefer to use bonds as a better indicator of wider macro signals and risk measures, rather than shares. Bonds and especially government securities tend to [more…]

The Risks of Bonds in Your Investment Portfolio

Macro-economic strategies for UK investors are ones in which investment approaches in shares, bonds, commodities and foreign exchanges (FX) are determined by key macro-economic signals. [more…]

Insure Your Investment Portfolio with CDSs

Many UK investors, especially in the institutional space, use credit-risk measures based on swaps, which in turn price in the likelihood of default. These financial instruments are known as [more…]

Macro Hedge Funds for Your Investment Portfolio

Although many UK investors obsess about risky assets such as shares, hedge-fund managers are on the whole a fairly dispassionate bunch. They’re happy to go long or short any asset class, bonds or shares [more…]

Macro Investing’s Success as a Strategy

Macro hedge funds have boomed in the UK over the last few decades. Back in the 1990s, just a few well-known pioneers focused on this top-down, macro-economic driven thinking, including George Soros. But [more…]

Macro Investing in Action

Macro hedge-fund investors in the UK and around the world think big! They’re global in scope, willing to use different asset classes whenever appropriate and, crucially, likely to be internally organised [more…]

Look for Really Big Investment Bets in the Future

Like it or not, the decisions of central bankers and politicians move markets. Many investors in the UK are sufficiently spooked by this omnipotent power that they engage in a dangerous game of Risk On [more…]


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