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Looking Past Earnings to Understand Cash Flow

If you're like many investors, you're almost trained to maniacally devour earnings reports from companies. Every quarter, like clockwork, investors eagerly await earnings season. During the roughly three [more…]

Digging into the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Investment bankers don't have crystal balls. But they might have something that's almost as handy, and something you can use, too: discounted cash flow analysis. [more…]

How to Not Get Fooled by the Financials

If you’ve ever taken a look at the financial statements generated by companies, they look like they could be etched in stone. Neatly arranged rows and columns of carefully presented numbers calculated [more…]

10 Ways Investment Banking Touches Main Street

If you're like most people, you may believe that investment banking is something for well-dressed finance types in New York City to think about. But consumers are often surprised to hear how closely many [more…]

What Investment Bankers Do

To most people, investment banking is a big mystery — they know it's important, but they aren't really sure why. On the other hand, there's no mystery about what traditional banking is. Just about anyone [more…]

Why Do Companies Buy Other Companies?

Whenever you buy stock in a company, more likely than not, you're buying a sliver of that company. But for some investors, a small sliver isn't enough. [more…]

How to Get In on an IPO

Wildly successful initial public offerings leave investors talking and fantasizing for years. Investors who got into Microsoft or Google at the IPO prices have made a bundle. [more…]

Investment Banking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Investment banking has a big impact on the world you live in, whether you have investments or not, and understanding what investment bankers do is important. Part of investment banking has to do with mergers [more…]

Investment Banking: Leveraged Buyout Exit Strategies

In the investment banking world, private equity sponsors know that even before they purchase a company, they'll be preparing for the day when they'll sell the firm. Identifying a proper exit strategy in [more…]

How Investment Banking Differs from Traditional Banking

The critical part of the investment banking process is in the way cash is funneled from the people who have it to the people who need it. After all, traditional banks do essentially the same thing investment [more…]

How Do Investment Bankers Get Paid?

As you can imagine, although investment banking plays an important role in funding economic progress, there's also lots of money to be made. Investment bankers can't afford those fancy suits if they're [more…]

How Investment Banks Help Investors Decide Whether to Buy or Sell

Investment banks make most of their money helping companies and governments raise money by selling securities. But most important, the investment bankers act as middlemen between buyers and sellers. Investment [more…]

How Investment Banks Turn Pennies into Billions

Next time you log onto your online brokerage account to buy a stock, don't think there's a human from your investment bank on the other end selling to you. More likely than not, you're buying the stock [more…]

Which Requirements Need to Be Met to Make an IPO Happen?

Investment bankers can concoct just about any financial product out of thin air. And some of these products indeed make investors’ money go poof. But IPOs aren't created out of nothing. An IPO at its core [more…]

What Information Does a Prospectus for an IPO Contain?

The most important document the company and the investment bankers must produce to make an IPO happen is the prospectus. The prospectus lists all the opportunities, risks, and financial details about the [more…]

How Investment Bankers Can Support an IPO

When IPOs fail, it makes investment bankers look bad. If shares of an IPO can't stay above the offering price (the price at which the shares are sold to initial investors) it reflects poorly on the investment [more…]

The Goals of the Sell-Side Analyst in Investment Banking

The sell-side analyst at a firm that does investment banking has a somewhat complicated job. Their primary job is to use fundamental analysis (the ability to determine the value of a company examining [more…]

Where to Find Sell-Side Analyst Research

Research doesn't do anyone any good if it's just sitting on an investment banker’s shelf. Getting the word out, and sharing research ideas, are how sell-side analysts get noticed. When sell-side analysts [more…]

Investment Banking: What to Look For in a Research Report

Investment banking research reports aren't exactly the kinds of things you start reading and can't put down. J. K. Rowling probably doesn't worry much about competing with the latest research report on [more…]

Investment Banking: The Main Sections of a Research Report

Investors are busy people. They don't have the time to read through an investment banking research report that buries the findings and disguises the analysts’ decisions. Research reports are designed to [more…]

Types of Mergers Investment Bankers Should Know

Fundamentally, there really is no difference between a merger and an acquisition to investment bankers. Both terms refer to a situation in which two companies combine and become one company. [more…]

Investment Banking: Why Do Companies Merge?

Firms have many motivations for seeking to combine with other firms and investment bankers should be aware of these motivations. Some reasons are very sound and seek to maximize the value of the entity [more…]

The Role of the Buy-Side M&A Advisor in Investment Banking

When an investment banking firm is advising a firm seeking to acquire another company, the investment banking firm is referred to as a buy-side advisor. [more…]

The Role of the Sell-Side M&A Advisor in Investment Banking

Although the sell-side M&A advisor will perform many of the same functions in investment banking as the buy-side advisor, there are some fundamental differences, depending upon whether the firm wants to [more…]

Investment Banking: Why Many M&A Deals Go Wrong

Two investment banking teams can draw dramatically different conclusions even when presented with an identical set of facts and data to analyze. While it may seem like much of the analysis of mergers and [more…]

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