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Keeping Solvent with a Few Futures and Options Trading Rules

Follow this list of trading rules to maximize your chances of being a successful — and long-lasting — futures and options trader: [more…]

Important Investment Vehicles for Commodities

The commodities markets are wide and deep, giving you a number of investment vehicles to choose from. Here are a few important commodities options to consider: [more…]

How to Avoid Common Forex Trading Mistakes

No matter how long you’ve been trading on foreign exchange (forex) markets, you’re bound to experience lapses in trading discipline, whether they’re brought on by unusual market developments or emotional [more…]

Debunking Common Myths about Hedge Funds

Before you invest your money in a big and glamorous hedge fund, a little skepticism is in order. The following myths are the ones you’re most likely to hear. [more…]

Checking Out Currency Categories

Money is a medium of exchange. It’s just a tool that people use to exchange their labor for the things they want and need. If you have only euros and you want to buy something priced in rubles, you have [more…]

The Master of Value Investing: Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett has turned his steady devotion to value investing principles into some $53.5 billion in net worth. One of the wealthiest people in the world, Buffett is clearly the king of value investing [more…]

Hallmarks of a Socially Responsible Corporation

Social investors expect a company to sell its product or service fairly and accurately, and they want the company to respect every person who gets that product to market, including vendors, customers, [more…]

Why You Must Make Your Crowdfund Investment in Cash

When you’re ready to invest in a crowdfund campaign, you must do so in cash. Just as you can’t use a credit card to buy public stock on an online brokerage account, you aren’t allowed to use a credit card [more…]

Tried, True, and Simple Technical Rules for Investment Trading

Many professional traders make a living by applying the same simple indicators and the same simple rules, over and over again, on the same small set of securities. “It can’t be that easy!” you think. But [more…]

Defining Key Futures and Options Terms

If you plan to trade futures, you need to know what certain terms mean. Key terms in futures and options trading include the following financial words and phrases: [more…]

High-Powered Investing All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One key to successfully expanding your investment opportunities is gathering the information you need to make sound investment decisions. Another key is being able to analyze financial information so that [more…]

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