Investing in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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ETF Mistakes: Unrealistic Expectations and Inflation

Inflation and expectations of market returns can influence your portfolio negatively if you forget to take them into account. When building your ETF portfolio and planning your financial future, take care [more…]

ETFs: Common Investment Mistakes to Avoid

The keys to successfully manage a portfolio include diversification and patience. When considering your ETF purchases, be sure to avoid these common mistakes that investors make: [more…]

The Basic Steps toward Economic Self-Sufficiency with ETFs

How much you need in ETFs and the rest of your portfolio to call yourself economically self-sufficient (or retired) starts off with a very simple formula: [more…]

ETF Saving Goals: How Much Is Enough?

A reasonable accumulation goal of how much you should have invested (in ETFs and other investments) for most couples is 20 times the amount you spend in a year. To reach that goal, you may have to set [more…]

ETF Saving Goals: How to Choose the Right Vessels

If you will, try to think of your ETF and other investment retirement plans — your 401(k), your IRA — as separate vessels of money. How much your nest egg grows depends not just on how much you put into [more…]

What ETFs Should Go Where?

Given the limitations of various savings account types, which ETFs (and other investments) should get dibs on becoming retirement assets, and which are best deployed elsewhere? Follow these four primary [more…]

Which ETFs Are Best Kept in Retirement Accounts?

Some ETFs are best kept in retirement accounts due to their ability to avoid tax hits. Not all investments, however, should be kept only in retirement accounts. Here are ETFs and other investments generally [more…]

BlackRock’s iShares Sector ETFs

BlackRock, Inc. offers U.S. sector funds along with international and global sector funds through its iShares line of ETFs. The iShares industry sector offerings include the following: [more…]

PowerShares Sector ETFs

PowerShares has about 50 domestic and a dozen international sector funds. The ETFs offered in this line are actively managed, with a broker picking the stocks. PowerShares industry sector offerings include [more…]

Unhealthy ETF Investments

The first truly loony ETFs hit the market around 2006. At that time, a dozen funds came on the marketthat invested in companies involved in treating specific diseases. You could have invested in the Ferghana-Wellspring [more…]

Socially Responsible Investments: ETFs for a Better World

An increasing number of people — both individuals and institutions — are investing using some kind of moral compass when deciding which ETFs deserve their attention. The investments chosen are screened [more…]

ETFs: Performance of Socially Responsible Investments

Whereas investing in a socially responsible mutual fund or ETF may do the world some good, the question remains whether it will do your portfolio any good. [more…]

Choices for Social Investment ETFs

If you decide that you want to be a socially responsible investor, you have many choices: About 110 mutual funds and two dozen ETFs now invest with some social screen. The growing number of ETFs designed [more…]

A Close-up Look at Socially Responsible ETF Options

The two oldest and most popular ETFs that use social screens are as different as night and day. The iShares MSCI USA ESG Select Index ETF (KLD) is a broad-based large cap [more…]

Dividend ETFs: The Search for Steady Money

The idea behind high dividend mutual funds and ETFs is simple enough: They attempt to cobble together the stocks of companies that are issuing high dividends, have high dividend growth rates, or promise [more…]

Dividend ETFs: Promise of Riches or Smoke and Mirrors?

On the face of it, dividends look like free money from your ETF investments. But nothing in life is quite so simple. Here are some of the things to be aware of when considering purchasing dividend stocks [more…]

ETFs and Initial Public Offering Investments

Want to take a real joyride? In 2006, First Trust Advisors introduced the First Trust IPOX-100 Index Fund (FPX). You can invest in an ETF that, according to the prospectus, tracks the 100 “largest, typically [more…]

ETFs That (Supposedly) Thrive When the Market Dives

In June 2006, an outfit called ProShares introduced the first ETFs designed to short the market. That means these inverse ETFs are designed to go up as their market benchmark goes down, and vice versa. [more…]

The Dangers of Short Selling ETFs

Low correlation among ETFs is important because it creates a portfolio containing two asset classes that go up and down at different times. Heck, it would seem that funds that short the stock and bond [more…]

Short ETFs: A Track Record like None Other

The long-term performance records of short ETFs show these beasts to be dangerous for long-term investments. All of the original ProShares ETFs introduced in 2006 have lost a bundle. The ProShares Short [more…]

Leveraged Versus Traditional ETFs

In 2006, ProShares introduced four ETFs targeting investors at the extremely optimistic end of the sentiment spectrum. These are leveraged funds that include the Ultra QQQ [more…]

ETFs and 401(k) Plans

Not many 401(k) retirement plans offer ETFs, but the market is “exploding” according to one industry insider. You’d think that would make lovers of ETFs jump for joy. Maybe not! [more…]

ETFs and Tax Harvesting: Steer Clear of the IRS’s “Wash Rule”

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are the perfect investment vehicle to avoid the IRS’s “Wash Rule.” Let’s say you had a bad year on a particular investment or you had a bad year on [more…]

ETFs and Options: Exchange-Traded Derivatives

Beyond the world of exchange-traded funds, an entirely different universe is filled with things called exchange-traded derivatives. A derivative is a financial instrument that has no real value in and [more…]

ETFs and Options: Weigh Options Strategies against the Diversified ETF Portfolio

ETFs are a huge part of the options market. And options can allow you to capture the gains of the stock market with very limited risk. They also allow you to invest in the market and not have to worry [more…]

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