Investing in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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ETF Investment Strategy: The Value Line Paradox

Value Line — a purveyor of market-timing and stock-picking advice — not only offers advice on picking ETFs as well as stocks, but also they had their own ETF until recently — the Value Line Timeliness [more…]

ETF Investment Strategy: The Wild, Wacky World of Investment Advice

Achieving riches with ETFs is only the latest gimmick of investment websites and newsletters that are part of a phenomenon that financial journalist Jane Bryant Quinn once called “investment pornography [more…]

Small Cap International ETFs

Small cap international stocks and the ETFs that hold them have even less correlation to the U.S. stock market than larger foreign stocks. The reason is simple: If the U.S. economy takes a swan dive, it [more…]

How to Select ETFs by Sector, Not Style

There are about 200 U.S. industry-sector ETFs. You can find a fund to mirror each of the major industry sectors in the U.S. economy: energy, basic materials, financial services, consumer goods, and so [more…]

Sector ETFs: The Next Hot Industry

One danger of ETFs is their ability to allow you to easily purchase into sectors, which can be dangerous when it leads to speculation. There’s little question that people who divide their portfolios into [more…]

How to Diversify Your Sector ETF Investments

Using sector ETFs to diversify your portfolio can be an advantageous strategy. An in-depth study on industry-sector investing, done several years ago by Chicago-based Ibbotson Associates [more…]

ETFs: How to Combine Style and Sector Strategies

Using sector ETFs can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. It also, however, can be dangerous if you use this strategy as a means to help you speculate on the market. [more…]

How to Seek Low Correlation ETFs for Added Diversification

There are some sector-based ETFs that are better choices than others for additions to a portfolio that mostly features style investments. When deciding what sector investments to add to your portfolio, [more…]

How to Choose Sector ETFs

After you decide which industry sectors you wish to invest in, you need to pick and choose among ETFs. Like with other ETF options, there are a variety to choose from and a variety of companies that sell [more…]

Vanguard Industry Sector ETFs

Vanguard has 11 U.S. sector ETFs and one international ETF. These funds cover much of the domestic market. The Vanguard industry sector offerings include the following: [more…]

ETFs: Select Sector SPDRs

The Select Sector SPDRs are on a par with the Vanguard industry sector ETFs. Like the Vanguard funds, they represent large U.S. industry groupings. They follow reasonable indexes, and they will cost you [more…]

ETF Investment Strategy: Patience Is a Key Factor

Imagine a hypothetical daily pricing pattern for a hypothetical ETF that we will give the hypothetical ticker symbol UGH. What you see at point A is a major reversal pattern known to technical analysts [more…]

ETF Portfolio: A High Risk/High Return Model

High-risk/high-return ETF portfolios are made up mostly of stock ETFs. After all, stocks have a very long history of clobbering most other investments — [more…]

ETF Portfolio: “Today and Tomorrow” — A Long Term View

Times change; circumstances change. Your investment portfolio with its ETFs, mutual funds, and individual stocks and bonds needs to keep up with the times. [more…]

ETF-Trading Websites for Suckers

Market timing services are popping up all over the Internet. Why not? ETFs are hot. They are in the news. They sound so impressive. And there is a sucker born every minute. [more…]

The Bad Track Record of Leveraged ETFs

Look at the performance records of these leveraged ETFs carefully before considering them. Take the ProShares Ultra QQQ ETF (QLD). The NASDAQ-100 index returned 3.28 percent a year in the three years prior [more…]

All-In-One ETFs: For the Ultimate Lazy Portfolio

Even the laziest investor in ETFs has to make choices: Do you want worldwide exposure to stocks only? Or to stocks and bonds? Do you want the allocation between stocks and bonds to remain the same for [more…]

Are ETFs Risky?

That all depends. Some ETFs are way riskier than others. It all comes down to a question of what kind of ETF we’re talking about.

Most ETFs track stock indexes, and some of those stock indexes can be extremely [more…]

Do You Need a Financial Professional for an ETF Portfolio?

Whether or not you need a financial professional to set up and monitor your ETF portfolio depends on both your particular skills and your inclination to spend a Sunday afternoon getting greasy under the [more…]

Frequently Asked Questions about ETFs

Before you go out and invest all your money in ETFs, you may have some more questions. Here are some of the more common questions when it comes to ETFs: [more…]

With Hundreds of ETFs, Where Do You Start?

The answer depends on your objective. If you are looking to round out an existing portfolio of stocks or mutual funds, your ETF should complement that. Your goal is always to have a well-diversified collection [more…]

FAQs: When and Where to Buy ETFs

Purchasing ETFs, especially for the first time, can be a daunting task. Here are some common questions about the process of purchasing funds for the first time: [more…]

FAQs: Dirty Details of ETFs

Of course, purchasing ETFs leads to the technical questions about which exchange the ETF calls home and which account should house it. Here are the answers to those questions: [more…]

ETFs: Investment Mistakes to Avoid

A lack of education about investing and ETFs — combined with a surfeit of cheesy and oft-advertised investment industry products, plus an irresponsible and lazy financial press — leads many investors to [more…]

ETFs: Three Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Even smart investors can make mistakes in managing their portfolios, especially with the strange investment industry products on the market. When working with your ETFs, make sure to avoid these mistakes [more…]

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