Investing in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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Why You Should Add ETFs to Your Existing Portfolio

Maybe you’re intent on staying put with your existing portfolio, but think you can benefit from an occasional ETF holding. You are right and this tells you why and how to reap the benefits of sprinkling [more…]

How ETFs Can Help You to Tax Harvest

Historically, the stock market takes something of a dip in one out of every three years. In the dip years, ETFs can help ease the pain.

Say it’s a particularly bad year for tech stocks, and you happen to [more…]

Mutual Funds as Cheap as ETFs: Vanguard Admiral Shares

If you can meet the minimums and would rather invest in any of Vanguard’s mutual funds instead of ETFs, your average expense ratio would be 0.18 percent for the Admiral shares versus 0.17 percent for the [more…]

Timber REIT ETFs versus Timber REITs

Technically speaking, two timber REIT ETFs exist: the Guggenheim Timber ETF (CUT) and the iShares S&P Global Timber & Forestry Index ETF (WOOD). You probably won’t be a big fan of either. They both charge [more…]

Lesser Known Alternatives to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

You know that mutual funds, individual securities (stocks or bonds), and annuities are possible alternatives, or complements, to ETFs. But the investment world offers other options as well. Here are a [more…]

ETF Alternatives: Venture into Exchange-Traded Notes

Exchange-traded notes (ETNs) sure sound like exchange-traded funds, and the two do have some things in common. But they also have one or two big differences. The commonalities include not only their names [more…]

The Ups and Downs of Actively Managed ETFs

It was perhaps foreshadowing, and somewhat ironic, that the very first actively managed ETF was issued by Bear Stearns. That was in March 2008. Within several months, the financial collapse of the investment [more…]

Things to Look for in Actively Managed ETFs

A good number of ETFs in registration with the SEC are going to be hitting the market shortly (presuming they get the approval they seek). Of these, some will likely be issued by long-standing and respected [more…]

Why Not to Invest Two-Thirds in International ETFs

About 65 percent of the world stock market is outside of the United States. Should you invest that much of your portfolio in foreign ETFs? No, that may be overdoing it. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of [more…]

Why to Invest More Than One-Fifth in International ETFs

Some well-publicized research indicates that an 80-percent-or-so domestic stock/20-percent-or-so foreign stock portfolio is optimal for maximizing return and minimizing risk with your ETFs. But almost [more…]

How to Choose Foreign ETFs

At present, you have more than 300 global and international ETFs from which to choose. (Global ETFs hold U.S. as well as international stocks; international [more…]

ETFs That Cover the Planet

If you have a portfolio of under $10,000, or if you have a strong desire to keep your ETF investment management simple, you may be best off combining a total-market U.S. fund with a total international [more…]

European Stock ETFs

Europe is a good place to hold ETFs because it boasts the oldest, most established stock markets in the world: the Netherlands, 1611; Germany, 1685; and the United Kingdom, 1698. Relative to the stocks [more…]

Pacific Region Stock ETFs

The Pacific region merits a chunk of any balanced portfolio of ETFs. The nations of the Pacific have evidenced a good comeback in recent years.

With the rapid growth of China as the world’s apparent soon-to-be [more…]

Emerging-Market Stock ETFs

The recent astonishing returns of emerging market stocks and ETFs are due in good part to sharp increases in the prices of commodities, such as oil, which come largely from these nations. But commodity [more…]

State Street Global Advisors: Sector SPDRs ETFs

In addition to its Select Sector SPDRs, State Street Global Advisors offers more basic ETFs without the “Select” name. The SPDRs industry sector offerings are as follows: [more…]

ETF Portfolio: Things That Don’t Matter When Selecting a Portfolio Strategy

Before you invest your money in individual stocks or bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds, you should ask yourself these questions: How much return do [more…]

ETF Portfolio: How Much You Need in Your Portfolio to Retire

Whether you hold ETFs or mutual funds or individual stocks, you probably wouldn’t mind if your investments could support you. But how much do you need in order for your investments to support you? [more…]

Minimize Your Investment Management Costs with Exchange Traded Funds

Most exchange traded funds (ETFs) are cheap, which is one of the things you will love about them. The difference between a typical mutual fund that charges 1.4 percent and a typical ETF that charges 0. [more…]

ETF Portfolio: Reversion to the Mean

Once you understand reversion to the mean, don’t think you have to go out and buy any ETF that has underperformed the market for years, or sell any ETF that has outperformed. But to a small degree, you [more…]

ETF Portfolio: A Simple Portfolio Model

This model is an easier-than-easy ETF portfolio. It is a perfectly fine, workable investment model with decent (although not great) diversification. It may be enough for anyone without a great amount in [more…]

ETF Portfolio: A Conservative Model

When you invest in anything, be it exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, or individual stocks and bonds, there’s always a bit of a gamble involved. [more…]

ETF Portfolio: Risk and Return Associated with Industry Sectors

If you want to use a sector investing strategy for your exchange traded fund (ETF) and other investments, know that various sectors fall in different places along the risk/return continuum. [more…]

ETF Investment Strategy: Active Trading Can Lead to Losses

ETFs were brought into being by marketing people from the Toronto Stock Exchange who saw a way to beef up trading volume. Unlike mutual funds, which can be bought and sold only at day’s end, ETFs trade [more…]

ETF Investment Strategy: Beware the Advice Newsletters

Search “Market timing success” and you’ll see websites and newsletters offering you all kinds of advice that’s sure to make you rich. Add “ETF” to your search, and you’ll quickly see that an entire cottage [more…]

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