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21 Countries Considered to Be Emerging Markets

If you want to invest your money in emerging markets or engage in international trade, it helps by understanding which countries are considered to be the world's emerging markets. [more…]

26 Countries Considered to Be Frontier Markets

Frontier markets are a subset of emerging markets. These countries are in the earliest stage of economic development, but they do each have a stock market and investable securities. If you're looking to [more…]

The Best Opportunities for Investment in Emerging Markets

Emerging and frontier markets have opportunities for investment growth that often aren't available in more-developed economies. These come from three main sources: new, pervasive technologies; the improved [more…]

The Risks of Investing in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets offer amazing opportunities for investors who want to make money while making the world a better place. But emerging markets also have some risks that investors new to the category may [more…]

Managing Risks if You Invest in Emerging Markets

Sure, investing in emerging markets isn't without risk, but that shouldn't dissuade you from doing it. These growing economies are great places to look for wonderful investment opportunities — as long [more…]

Emerging Markets in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Africa

Sometimes referred to by the acronym MENA (Middle East-North Africa), this region is one of great risk offering potentially huge returns. Many, although not all, of the countries in the region draw their [more…]

Buying Emerging Market Stocks

As an emerging market becomes more commercialized, more stock is issued for international investors to purchase, sometimes by the government itself. Most emerging markets have outperformed the developed [more…]

Open-End Funds in Emerging Markets

The number of mutual funds on the market is staggering. At the end of 2012, the Investment Company Institute reported that 8,752 funds were on the market. Each fund has a different investment style, fee [more…]

Closed-End Funds in Emerging Markets

Open-end mutual funds are far more common than closed-end funds. With a closed-end fund, the fund holds an initial public offering. The amount of money raised becomes the initial net asset value of the [more…]

What to Know about International Securities Exchanges

Traditionally, a security is traded on an exchange, which is an organization set up to allow people to buy and sell. Exchanges grant trading privileges to different brokerage firms so that they can execute [more…]

Common Emerging Market Partnership Funds

The most popular type of private partnership these days is a hedge fund, but it's hardly the only one out there. Venture capital and private equity funds also play in some emerging markets. These funds [more…]

Working with Local Partners in Emerging Markets

Hedge funds, venture capital funds, and related investments are set up for long-term investments. These funds often can't sell their investments easily, so the fund managers need to make sure that they [more…]

Potential Traps in High-Finance Investing

Private investment partnerships aren't for everyone. Even some of the people who have the money to invest in them prefer to put their money into investments with fewer restrictions. They want to know all [more…]

Pursuing Emerging Market Bonds

A bond is a loan; the buyer gives money to the issuer, and then the issuer repays the loan over time. Each interest payment is known as a coupon, and the bond's price at issue is known as the [more…]

Some Emerging Market Open-End Funds

If you're considering mutual funds as a way to play in emerging markets, the following list is for you! This list has several emerging market funds, grouped by the companies that issue them. These firms [more…]

Comparing U.S. GAAP and IFRS Accounting Systems

If you're investing in emerging markets, you need to know about the world's two main accounting systems: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards [more…]


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