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Corruption as a Business Risk in Emerging Markets

Corruption increases an economy’s volatility, and greater volatility leads to increased risk. Part of the attraction of investing in emerging markets is the higher-risk/higher-return ratio, but you may [more…]

Property Protections and Emerging Markets

Protecting property is a basic government function and a key issue in the law. And when you’re investing in emerging markets, you want to have your investment legally protected. If rules are established [more…]

Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging Markets

Your emerging-markets assets may well include investments in intellectual property, which includes ideas that may be expressed as words, music, software, or designs. This includes books, songs, engineering [more…]

Trading Restrictions in Emerging Markets

Stock exchanges in emerging markets often have strict regulations on whether investors outside the country can invest there. These restrictions are often designed to reduce the amount of perceived volatility [more…]

Emerging Markets and International Legal Standards

In addition to the laws of the emerging market you’re investing in, you may have to be concerned about international laws and standards, which can affect the value of your direct investment or the competitive [more…]

Bonds and Stocks in Emerging Markets

Fewer bonds and stocks are available for purchase in emerging markets than in developed ones, but bonds and stocks are still two of the primary ways to invest in emerging markets. As an investor outside [more…]

Emerging Markets and International Securities Exchanges

If you’re going to buy emerging-market stocks and bonds, you need to know a little bit about how they’re traded. Traditionally, a security is traded on an [more…]

Investing in Emerging-Market Banks

You can provide cash to banks in emerging markets and get a shot at a good return by opening a deposit account directly, investing in funds that invest in deposit accounts, or buying stock in the bank [more…]

Sharia-Compliant Banking and Emerging Markets

Because many emerging markets have large Muslim populations (especially in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia), Islamic banking is a growing financial category that offers opportunities for [more…]

Microfinancing and Emerging Markets

Microfinance involves providing small loans (microcredit) to very small businesses in very poor places, which include many emerging markets. These small loans to start small businesses have proven power [more…]

Efforts to Fight Corruption in Emerging Markets

Corruption makes it hard for businesses to operate and economies to develop, stifling trade in emerging markets. People asked to engage in corrupt practices tend to fight back by exposing the extent of [more…]

How to Protect Your Emerging-Market Investments from Corruption

If you’re doing business in another country, which includes investing in an emerging market, get a sense of what you may encounter so that you can behave appropriately and legally. Ways to avoid dangerous [more…]

The Emerging Market in Brazil

Brazil is on its way to growing out of its emerging market status and becoming one of the richest and most developed countries on earth. Brazil's vital statistics: [more…]

The Emerging Market in Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country in terms of land and has an emerging market to match, although it doesn’t have as much foreign investment as many other emerging markets. [more…]

The Emerging Market in India

India is a diverse country that’s always been open to the rest of the world, and its emerging marketplace shows the power of a diverse, open economy.

Although only 60 percent of the people are literate, [more…]

The Emerging Market in China

When you think about emerging markets, you may think first of the People’s Republic of China, if only because it’s so big. Still officially a Communist nation, the Chinese government maintains a tight [more…]

Natural-Resource Investment Vehicles

As an emerging-market investor, you can gain exposure to natural resources in a variety of ways: trade securities on the stock market, work with derivatives on the commodities exchanges, or even buy and [more…]

Natural Resources Open to Investment in Emerging Markets

Natural resources are a, well, natural option if you’re interested in investing in emerging markets. Many emerging markets are rich in resources the world wants — or will want soon — and money you invest [more…]

Commodities and Emerging Markets

One of the driving forces behind the dynamic commodities markets are emerging markets, both from the demand side and also in terms of supply. Keep an eye on Brazil and China, two countries that tend to [more…]

Timeline: The Evolution of Islamic Finance

The modern Islamic finance industry is young; its timeline begins only a few decades ago. But Islamic finance is evolving rapidly and continues to expand to serve a growing population of Muslims as well [more…]

Key Sharia Principles and Prohibitions in Islamic Finance

Sharia law differentiates Islamic finance from conventional finance. The Islamic financial system is constructed on economic concepts specified by sharia [more…]

Islamic Financial Products Based on Sharia-Compliant Contracts

In accordance with Islamic law (sharia), Islamic financial products are based on specific types of contracts. These Sharia-compliant contracts support productive economic activities without betraying key [more…]

Why Emerging Markets Are Great Investment Opportunities

Investors should look at the world's emerging markets. Why? Because now, developing markets are where the growth opportunities are. A full 43 percent of the world's wealth is in those nations, and most [more…]

The Big Categories of Investment in Emerging Markets

If you're an investor looking to capitalize on some of the world's emerging markets, know this: You can invest in emerging markets in two ways — buy securities as an investment or invest directly as a [more…]

How to Identify Emerging and Frontier Markets

Emerging markets run the gamut. Some are Middle Eastern. Others are European nations that weren't aligned with the Soviet Union but that were never exactly poor, either. Others may be found among long-established [more…]


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