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Organizations that Influence Emerging Markets

Governments form alliances to promote economic growth or to assist one another when needed. Emerging-market nations and countries across the globe benefit from association with a range of organizations [more…]

Defining Emerging Markets

The term emerging market was coined at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), which works to develop the private sector in poor countries. The IFC’s strategy is to bring in private investors [more…]

What Emerging Markets Offer Investors

Investors everywhere want to get a return for taking risk and to be a part of economic growth. Emerging markets offer opportunities for both. The very function of investment in capital markets is to provide [more…]

Risks Associated with Investing in Emerging Markets

Investing in emerging markets is exciting. You get to find out about new places and participate in the movement of billions of people out of poverty and into a more prosperous life. And you may be able [more…]

Market Categories and the Countries in Them

The global marketplace is divided into three types of market: developed, emerging, and frontier. The investable countries of the world are slotted into one of these categories. However, only 75 of the [more…]

Types of Growth Opportunity in Emerging Markets

Emerging and frontier markets have opportunities for growth that often aren’t available in more developed economies. These come from three main sources: new, pervasive technologies; the improved spending [more…]

Factors around Choosing Accounting Methods in Emerging Markets

Although you may think that companies doing business in emerging markets have little or no choice in choosing their accounting system, they do have some say that affects how they present the numbers and [more…]

Assessing Corporate Structure in Relation to Investing in Emerging Markets

Corporate structure refers to the ownership and organization of a company. If you’re investing in emerging markets, understanding the corporate structure and corporate governance is key as these issues [more…]

Classifying Emerging Markets: BRIC or Non-BRIC

The world’s emerging markets are typically divided into two groups: the four largest (Brazil, Russia, India, and China, known collectively as BRIC) and everywhere else. The “everywhere else” includes a [more…]

Emerging Markets in Eastern and Southern Europe

There was a time when the emerging markets of Eastern and Southern Europe were about as developed as emerging markets came, and then history happened. In the 20th century, these nations were damaged by [more…]

Emerging Markets in Egypt and Morocco

Sometimes referred to by the acronym MENA (Middle East-North Africa), this region of emerging markets is one of great risk offering potentially huge returns. Many, although not all, of the countries in [more…]

Emerging Markets in North and South America

North and South America are dominated by the country with the world’s largest economy, the United States. But that’s not saying much, because many of these countries are growing smartly in their own right [more…]

The Emerging Market in South Africa

Africa has just three emerging markets: Morocco and Egypt on the northern end of the continent and the Republic of South Africa on the southern end. Many nations in the middle are termed frontier markets [more…]

Emerging Markets in Asia

China and Japan dominate Asia’s economy and geopolitics, and most Asian countries have complicated relationships with those two nations. Asian markets also have in common low interest rates, export-driven [more…]

Frontier Markets — A Subset of Emerging Markets

For investors considering big risks or looking for the next big thing, frontier markets offer great opportunities. They have smaller economies and more individual risk than emerging markets, but they can’t [more…]

Emerging Markets and Major Political Systems

As you consider investing in emerging markets and start researching your options, you’ll encounter a variety of political systems. If you know what a country’s underlying method of making decisions is, [more…]

Emerging Markets and Political Players

When doing business or making an investment in an emerging market, be aware that every country is run by a mix of government officials, rich and powerful individuals, and special interest groups outside [more…]

Evaluating Governments in Emerging Markets

Governments in emerging markets care about financial markets because the markets can be sources of power — or threats to it. As you do research on a country, you’ll get a sense of whether the government [more…]

How to Maximize Opportunities and Manage Risks in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets have amazing opportunities for investors to make money and maybe even change the world. That’s all good stuff. But they also have some risks that you may not have considered. [more…]

Online Resources Devoted to Emerging Markets

To find out the latest on emerging markets, you can turn to the Internet with its wealth of blogs and Web sites that contain useful investing info. The following links bring you to sites with information [more…]

Potential Payoffs in Emerging Markets

Investing in emerging markets can generate a great return, even compared with developed markets. On an annualized basis and for the ten years ending December 31, 2009, the MSCI [more…]

Special Risks in Emerging Markets

Emerging countries have different risks than the world at large, so investing in these emerging markets carries different risks than those associated with investing in developed markets: [more…]

Tips for Emerging-Market Investors

Investing in emerging markets always carries risk. And, although risk is part of any investment, you don’t want to take more risk than you need — you don’t get paid for taking stupid risks. Reduce a lot [more…]

Evaluating Corruption in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are vulnerable to corruption. Understanding the rules and behavior you see in some emerging markets can help you make investment decisions. Corruption is more common in emerging markets [more…]

Types of Corruption in Emerging Markets

Corruption exists in every economy, whether a frontier market, emerging market, or developed market. Corruption, whether legal or not, corrodes respect for the people in power and hurts people who aren’t [more…]


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