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Questions to Ask before Buying Day Trading Services

After you do your basic background checks on a day trading service you are thinking about purchasing, it’s time to ask some questions about the service providers. [more…]

Choose a Direct Access Brokerage Firm for Day Trading

Almost all day trading strategies need direct access to stock and bond pricing in order to maximize profitability. Direct access brokers allow you to see the price quotes in [more…]

Types of Brokerage Access Platforms for Day Trading

To get stock market information and place your day trading orders, you will need a computer platform to communicate with your brokerage firm’s systems. The conduit is the Internet, but you need a way to [more…]

Brokerage Firms for Day Traders: A-F

Day traders almost always work through online brokerage accounts. Many firms offering these accounts handle trading in almost all securities. The firms usually belong to all the exchanges, so you can trade [more…]

Brokerage Firms for Day Traders: I through S

If you are going to start day trading, you will need an online brokerage account. The firms usually belong to all the exchanges, so you can trade almost anything anywhere in the world through them. Here [more…]

Brokerage Firms for Day Traders: T-Z

An online brokerage account is one of the first investments a day trader must make. This is a list of a few firms you may want to consider. The list is not exhaustive and does not imply an endorsement [more…]

Brokers for Day Trading in the Options and Futures Markets

To effectively day trade options and futures, you need an account with a broker that has direct access to the exchanges’ electronic communications networks. Several full-service firms offer that service [more…]

Brokers for Day Trading in the Foreign Exchange Markets

The foreign exchange, or forex, market is the largest trading market in the world and offers lots of opportunities for day traders to make (or lose) money. Most forex trades take place between banks, corporations [more…]

Equip Your Day Trading Workspace

Successful day traders approach stock market trading as a professional activity. That means starting with an adequate work space and dedicated equipment. Here are some things to consider as you define [more…]

Get and Stay Connected to the Internet to Day Trade

You can’t day trade without a connection to the Internet, but that connection adds another element of risk — viruses. Smart phones offer internet connections and can serve as possible back up to regular [more…]

Build Redundancy into Day Trading Equipment and Connections

When you day trade, you are intentionally looking at volatile markets and fast-moving securities because that’s where you have the most opportunity to make money in a short time. You may very well be leveraged [more…]

Trading Arcades: Alternative to Home-based Day Trading Office

Don’t want to set up your own office in order to get started at day trading? Not ready to commit to two Internet lines, three PCs, and four monitors? Worried you’ll be bored and lonely working alone at [more…]

Free Day Trading Training and Education Services

Check out the free offerings from the exchanges and self-regulatory organizations to help you get started in day trading. Through these sources, you can find webinars, online courses, and plenty of reading [more…]

Conferences for Day Traders

Although day trading is a deskbound pursuit, you may want to get out into the world to learn more about trading and research different companies with products for day traders. Many of the exchanges and [more…]

Training Classes for Day Traders

Although not necessary, many day traders learn the game by enrolling in a training program, ranging from a graduate-level certificate program offered by Northwestern University to DVDs hawked on late-night [more…]

Get the Research You Need to Day Trade

Many brokerage firms offer day trading services. They all have services that tell you what the prices are for any stock or other security at any time, but this doesn’t mean that they have all of the prices [more…]

Technical Analysis Services for Day Traders

Almost all day trading strategies rely on technical analysis, which is the process of identifying buy and sell opportunities based on the supply and demand for a security. Technical analysts look at charts [more…]

Newsletters and Strategic Advisors for Day Traders

Day trading relies on information. Most of this information can be found from an analysis of the news and the price data, both of which are readily available from brokerage firms and quote services. But [more…]

How to Check Out Day Trading Service Providers before Buying

Trading software, training, and research services for day traders can get expensive, and some are outright scams. Even those that are legitimate (and most are) may not be right for you. Before you spend [more…]

How to Deal with Negative Emotions when Day Trading

In day trading, the big emotions can take over and mess up your strategy and your returns. The enemies are doubt, fear, and greed; like any bullies, they have their toadies, including anger, anxiety, boredom [more…]

Stress Antidotes for the Day Trader

Successful day traders have a life outside the markets. They close out positions, shut off monitors, and go do something else with the rest of the day. As you plan your life as a day trader, think about [more…]

Support Systems for Day Traders

Day traders need support systems. Friends and family are all well and good, but they don’t directly address the mindset of day trading. Ah, but there’s a veritable industry of support for traders, and [more…]

How to Overcome Problems with Following Your Day Trading Plan

A good, tested trading plan sets out market patterns that work often enough that you can make good trading profits. But some people have trouble following their plan, and that leads to stressful mistakes [more…]

How to Revise and Troubleshoot Your Day Trading Plan

Strong discipline is key to success in trading, but only if you’re disciplined in following the right system. If your trading method is flawed, sticking to it is going to hurt you. If something isn’t working [more…]

The Downside of Day Trading Chat Rooms

Spend any time on the Internet researching day trading and you’ll come across the chat rooms and message boards that some traders use to exchange information. Or at least you’ll come across the chat rooms [more…]


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