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Study the Candidates before Investing in a Crowdfund

If you decide that you want to put a small portion of your investment portfolio into one or several small businesses and start-ups, a number of crowdfund investing platforms [more…]

Crowdfund Investing: Know Your Connection to the Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner

The premise of crowdfund investing is that you put your money into ventures run by people you know and trust — or by people who have a secondary connection to you. What does a secondary connection look [more…]

Crowdfund Investing: Evaluate the Pitch Video and Pitch Information

When you invest in a more traditional financial vehicle like a mutual fund, you depend on other people to tell you what to expect. If the people running a crowdfund investment campaign are doing their [more…]

Crowdfund Investing: Evaluate the Financial Information

If the people running a crowdfund investment campaign are organized, you should be able to easily find information that can help you anticipate what to expect from your investment. But seeking out that [more…]

Your First Crowdfund Investment

Congrats, you're ready to commit to your first crowdfunded investment! Just remember: committing your money to a crowdfund investing campaign doesn't lead to instant equity that immediately starts increasing [more…]

Tactics for Researching a Crowdfund Investment

As a new crowdfund investor, when run across a great pitch video and clear documentation, you may immediately jump to the "Invest!" mindset. You begin, naturally, to look for reaffirming information and [more…]

Deciding Whether to Make a Crownfund Investment

Is making a crowdfund investment right for you? Like any investment, you need to do your own research into the company and have realistic expectations on your return. [more…]

How to Create a Great Crowdfund Investing Campaign

Once you've created a business plan for your startup, you can use your social network to fund it, via a strong crowdfund investing campaign. [more…]

How to Help Your Crowdfund Investment Succeed

A crowdfund investment's success hinges partly on your support and involvement. Spread the word about your investment to get others interested, and take an active role with the entrepreneur. [more…]

Leverage the Skills of Your Crowdfund Investors

Once you reach your fundraising goal, you can use the connections you made during crowdfund investing to help your business in a variety of ways. [more…]

The Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Asking yourself key questions before you launch your own business could be the difference between success and frustration. [more…]

What is Crowdfund Investing?

Discover what crowdfund investing is and how you might be able to use it to start your small business. Crowdfund investing is best carried out on SEC monitored websites. [more…]

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