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Link Entrepreneurs and Crowdfund Investors via Social Media

Crowdfund investing occurs online, via SEC-regulated and FINRA-registered crowdfund investing platforms. The online solicitation of potential crowdfund investors takes place primarily via social media [more…]

Allow Contacts to Bring Other Possible Crowdfund Investors into the Conversation

As an issuer’s social media contacts begin to engage in a crowdfund investment offering, they may want to reach out to other people in their own social networks to share this opportunity with them. For [more…]

Why Crowdfund Investing Portals Must Abstain from Curation

Curation is a practice used by some donation-based crowdfunding platforms that promotes some crowdfunding campaigns over others. An example would be Kickstarter’s “Campaigns We Love” e-mails that draw [more…]

Shop for the Best Crowdfund Investing Platform

When shopping for a crowdfunding portal, you must consider several things, including how much the online platform will cost and whether it has any limitations that will impede your efforts. [more…]

Build Your Network before You Raise Money with Crowdfund Investing

Raising money is hard work. Your success depends on your network and crowdfunding strategy. You simply must build relationships and connections with contacts who will be interested in investing in your [more…]

You Must Develop Trust with Your Crowdfund Investors

Establishing trust adds significant credibility to your crowdfund investing deal, but how do you establish trust with strangers? Angel investor Jean Hammond says, “No one writes a check the size that will [more…]

Be Transparent with Your Crowdfund Investors

Crowdfund investors always try to mitigate risk, and the best way to help them do so is to be transparent and honest in all your conversations and documents. This includes offering realistic and conservative [more…]

Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile for Crowfund Investing

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn plus public relations combine into a social media marketing effort designed to get the word out to potential investors. Author and social business stylist Jennifer Abernethy [more…]

Build Your Circle of 50 for CrowdFund Investing

The people who can fill your future needs should occupy your company’s ecosystem, which is your Circle of 50.You want to try to anticipate needs you’ll have in the near and distant future. [more…]

How to Develop an Infographic to Market Your Crowdfund Investing Opportunity

One of the most valuable networking tools you can use is an infographic. Kelly Hoey of WIM says she wouldn’t have been so successful without diverse relationships. The figure shows her infographic indicating [more…]

Write Great Headlines for Crowdfund Investing Pitches

Your first step to making a crowdfund investing pitch is to consolidate your business plan into an attention-grabbing one-sentence headline.Sound hard? [more…]

Produce a Quality Video for Your Crowdfund Investing Pitch

Creating a video to pitch your idea to potential crowdfund investors isn’t optional; it’s essential. Video is by far the fastest growing part of the web because it engages people more than flat text. [more…]

Script the Message for Your Crowdfund Investing Pitch Video

A quality video for your crowdfund investing pitch starts with a script. A script doesn’t need to spell out every word you’re going to say; instead, it should act as a guide for all the points you need [more…]

Prepare Your Website for Your Crowdfund Investing Pitch

Your website will be linked to your crowdfunding portal. Your website should reflect all the things you emphasize in your video pitch and can offer more details about your product or service, your business [more…]

Your Crowdfund Investing Elevator Pitch

To promote your business idea, you have to be prepared to talk to people, such as your current customers, to explain that they can learn about your crowdfunding campaign at the broker-dealer or crowdfunding [more…]

Before Crowdfund Investing, Build from Your Core Social Network Outward

Chances are, you have at least one social network already. If you don’t, you need to create one before you can attempt crowdfund investing. And if you do, now is the time to make your network [more…]

Support Other Companies for Mutual Crowdfund Investing Benefits

While you’re trying to grow your networks for crowdfund investing, remember that other companies are doing the same thing. If a company helps you out, make sure to respond in kind. [more…]

Apply for Patents to Protect Your Crowdfund Investment's Intellectual Property

A patent is a type of property right; it’s a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention. It gives the holder the right, for a limited time, to exclude others from making, using, offering [more…]

Copyrights and Trademarks Protect Your Crowdfund Investment's Intellectual Property

Protecting any words and images you create to promote your crowdfund investment business requires copyrights and/or trademarks. The familiar symbol © indicates that a copyright has been secured, and ® [more…]

Aim for a Constructive Failure if Your Crowdfund Investing Fails

If you miss your crowdfunding target despite all your best efforts, you’re going to be hugely disappointed. After all, failing to meet your target means that you get zero dollars for your efforts. [more…]

Keep Your Crowdfund Investing Idea Alive

Even even though you missed your crowdfunding target, you likely still believe that your idea is a great one, and you want to keep pursuing it. Validate your beliefs with others to determine where the [more…]

Do Not Use Crowdfund Investing as a Publicity Stunt

The only reason to launch a crowdfund investing campaign is to raise money for your business. If you’re looking for publicity and aren’t serious about raising the money, don’t put your idea on a crowdfund [more…]

Do Not Pit Crowdfund Investors Against Each Other

You must always show gratitude to your crowdfund investors. Thank them honestly, sincerely, and repeatedly. Your investors are part of your team, and you want them to feel connected with you and with each [more…]

Do Not Exploit Free Labor in Your Crowdfund Investing Business

Free labor for a business is a wonderful thing. If you’re in the pre-revenue stage of developing a crowdfund investing business, free labor may be the [more…]

Work with an Intermediary to Collect Your Crowdfund Investments

When you meet your funding target, all your hard work finally translates into the dollars you need to turn your ideas into real products or services. But because you’re potentially receiving small dollar [more…]


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