Commodities Investing: Oil, Gas, and Energy

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Why Energy Investors Need to Know about Geopolitical Volatility

As an energy investor, if you want to find one wild card in the oil industry that can swing crude prices, geopolitical volatility is by far the most unnerving, unpredictable force out there. Some reports [more…]

Energy Investing: Gambling on Gas

Years ago, you could almost always depend on the seasonality of the natural gas market. Some energy investors swear by one rule: Buy low in the summer and sell high in the winter. They use a seasonal approach [more…]

How to Evaluate Oil and Gas Stocks for Energy Investing

Properly evaluating a future oil and gas investment is perhaps the most important skill you can learn as an investor. It can mean the difference between securing that nest egg for the future and losing [more…]

The Risk of National Oil Companies (NOCs) to Energy Investing

Energy investors should exercise extreme caution when investing in foreign governments. A national oil company is an oil company owned by a national government. Although a few of them are traded publicly [more…]

Energy Investing: Understand OPEC

Energy investors find that it is impossible to have a discussion about national oil companies (NOCs) without shining a light on OPEC. By the end of 2011, more than 80 percent of the world’s proven oil [more…]

How to Invest in State-Owned Oil and Gas Companies

If you are interested in investing in government-owned oil and gas companies, the following is a list of oil and gas companies that are partially government-owned but that you can still trade on certain [more…]

Invest in Non-NOC Oil and Gas Companies

After thumbing through the national oil companies (NOCs), you may feel as if nothing is left in the pot for energy investors. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. More and more, NOCs are migrating out of [more…]

Investing in Integrated Oil Companies

When an oil and gas company is involved in the entire process from exploration to distribution, it’s considered an integrated oil company. Energy investors [more…]

Energy Investing: Independent Oil and Gas Stocks Companies

Okay, so maybe you want more bang for your buck. What energy investor doesn't? Then perhaps you'll consider the independent oil and gas stocks. It's the group of stocks that energy investors are most curious [more…]

The Importance of Fracking to Energy Investors

One reason natural gas investment prospects are better in North America than the rest of the world is that fracking(hydraulic fracturing of rock) is causing a bona fide natural gas boom right now. [more…]

Investing in Uranium: Exchanges

Like all the energy fuels you can invest in — oil, gas, and coal — uranium can be traded as a commodity. Uranium, though, is primarily used for one thing, as opposed to the many end uses for other energy [more…]

Energy Investing: The Dawn of ETFs

When exchange-traded funds (ETFs) stepped onto the investment scene in the 1990s, nobody was happier than individual investors. This type of investment offers you the opportunity to diversify your portfolios [more…]

Mutual Funds for the Oil and Gas Sector

Although thousands of mutual funds are floating out there, the following are among the top-ranked energy equity funds available, using a combination of ratings from multiple agencies. [more…]

Oil and Gas Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The following are among the top-ranked exchange-traded funds (ETFs) available, using a combination of ratings from multiple agencies. The expense ratios associated with ETFs included in the list of oil [more…]

Oil and Gas Price-Tracking Funds

Let’s face it: Energy outlooks vary greatly for investors. You can utilize commodity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and take advantage of broad trends in commodity prices. A [more…]

Energy Investing: Supply and Demand of Coal

When people think of energy investing, they usually first think of oil and the big dogs in the industry like ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) or BP Inc. (NYSE: BP). But what you may not know is that coal, though [more…]

Energy Investing: The Location of the World’s Coal

Energy investors need to know that, as opposed to other energy sources, there is an almost endless supply of coal. No one talks of “peak coal.” Therefore, coal isn’t affected by new finds, dwindling supply [more…]

Energy Investing: The Developed and Developing Coal Markets

Energy investors need to understand that coal has two markets — the developed market represented by the United States and the developing market represented by India and China. [more…]

Energy Investing: The Gasification of Coal

Coal investors are interested in cleaner coal, but you should know that, in addition to burying or scrubbing coal emissions after the fuel is burned, there are other ways to make coal cleaner. By converting [more…]

Investing in Coal: Producing the World’s Electricity

If you are interested in investing in coal, you should know that coal provides 27 percent of global primary energy, and it supplies more than 40 percent of the world’s electricity, as seen in the figure [more…]

Tips for Investing in Coal

In the great game of coal investing, knowing what moves a stock price can be the difference between retiring early and being stuck in a losing stock for years. One of the worst feelings for a commodity [more…]

Identify and Evaluate Major Coal Miners: China

Energy investors should know that China is slowly working off stockpiles of coal that it built up during the Great Recession. But longer-term expansion of coal-powered plants in China and India will boost [more…]

Identify and Evaluate Major Coal Miners: Russia

Energy investors should know that Russia produced 336.3 million tons of coal in 2011, which was 4 percent more than the prior year and a record for the post-Soviet era. Russia is the third-largest exporter [more…]

Invest in Coal Funds

Energy investors can use coal funds to gain diversified exposure to the industry and generate income with a single purchase. Master limited partnerships [more…]

Coal Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)

Energy investors should know that a masterlimited partnership (MLP) is a type of publicly traded investment vehicle. It combines the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of a publicly [more…]


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