Commodities Investing: Oil, Gas, and Energy

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Energy Commodities: Offshore Oil Terminology

The offshore drilling business is a technology-heavy industry, and if you want to invest in companies that function in this commodity space, you want to be familiar with some of the associated terminology [more…]

Energy Commodities: Public Disclosure Forms Provide Insight to Energy Companies

If you are planning to invest in oil companies to get exposure to energy commodities, there is a vast amount of information available about these companies in the documents that are required by the federal [more…]

Energy Commodities: Companies in the Offshore Drilling Business

In recent years, offshore drilling has generated a lot of interest among commodities investors, and a flurry of activity has been taking place in this sector as oil on land becomes scarcer. Some of the [more…]

Energy Commodities: Investing in Oil Fields

A large part of the exploration and production activity for oil commodities takes place on dry land. While most industry insiders agree that most onshore oil wells have been discovered, but you can still [more…]

Energy Commodities: Invest in Crude Oil Refineries

The commodity crude oil by itself doesn’t have many useful applications — it needs to be refined into consumable products such as gasoline and jet fuel. Refineries are a critical link in the crude oil [more…]

Oil Commodities: Types of Oil Shipping Vessels

One factor you need to consider if you’re planning to gain exposure to oil commodities through the oil-shipping industry is the ships themselves. Before you invest in a tanker stock, closely examine the [more…]

Oil Commodities: Crude Oil Shipping Companies

The companies responsible for transporting crude oil and petroleum products are an essential link in the global energy supply chain and provide a way to gain exposure to commodities without investing in [more…]

How to Avoid the Risk of Investing in Oil Commodities

As with most aspects of commodities, tanker spot rates and fixed rates, which provide the bulk of a shipping company’s revenue stream, are highly cyclical. It’s not extraordinary for shipping rates to [more…]

Commodity Investments: How Do You Measure Natural Gas?

Measuring natural gas can be confusing because multiple measurement methods exist for the commodity. These measurements basically boil down to how much physical natural gas there is and how much energy [more…]

Crude Oil Is the King of Commodity Investments

Crude oil is undoubtedly the king of commodities, in both its production value and its importance to the global economy. Crude oil is the most-traded nonfinancial commodity in the world today, and it supplies [more…]

Crude Oil: The Indispensable Commodity

The Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 underscored the importance of crude oil as a commodity in the global economy. During that year, the Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries [more…]

Commodities Investing: Global Oil Reserve Estimates

As a commodities investor, knowing which countries have large crude oil deposits is an important part of your investment strategy. As demand for crude oil increases, countries that have large deposits [more…]

The Effect of Brazil Offshore Crude Oil on Commodities Markets

One of the most noteworthy events in the commodities sector over the last several years, gripping the petroleum industry, has been the prolific discoveries of oil in offshore Brazil. [more…]

Energy Commodities: Production Figures of Crude Oil

Identifying the countries with large crude oil reserves is important, but it’s only a starting point as you begin investing in commodities. To determine which countries are exploiting these reserves adequately [more…]

Energy Futures: Demand for Crude Oil

The United States tops the list of oil consumers and has been the single largest consumer of the commodity for the last 25 years. Although a lot of folks pay attention to the demand increase from China [more…]

Watch Import and Export Numbers When Investing in Crude Oil Commodities

When planning your investments in the oil commodity market, another pair of numbers to keep close tabs on is export and import figures. Exports are different from production: A country can produce a lot [more…]

OPEC and the Oil Commodities Market

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is made up of countries that are involved in the production and export of crude oil commodities around the world. Currently, OPEC has 11 member [more…]

Types of Crude Oil Available for Investment on the Commodities Market

Crude oil by itself isn’t very useful; it derives its value as a commodity from its products. Only after it’s processed and refined into consumable products such as gasoline, propane, and jet fuel does [more…]

Peak Oil Theory and Its Effect on Commodity Investments

The concept of peak oil has generated much attention recently. Books have been written about whether the world is running out of the commodity, and proponents [more…]

How to Make Money with Crude Oil Commodity Investments

The price of crude oil as a commodity skyrocketed during the first decade of the 21st century. If this period is any indication of what’s in store for oil, you definitely want to develop a winning game [more…]

Energy Sector Commodities: An Introduction to Big Oil

Oil companies get a bad rap. Whatever you may think of them, they make for a great investment in commodities. Oil companies are responsible for bringing precious energy products to consumers, and for this [more…]

Risks and Benefits of Investing in Big Oil for Energy Commodity Exposure

Most oil companies have added non-petroleum energy sources to their product research mix, providing exposure to energy commodities of all kinds. These companies not only process crude oil into different [more…]

Oil Company ETFs for Exposure to Energy Commodities

If you can’t decide which oil company you want to invest in when you’re entering commodity investing, you have several other options that allow you to buy the market, so to speak. One option is to buy [more…]

How Emerging Market Funds Provide Exposure to Energy Commodities

Another great way to capitalize on oil profits is to invest in an emerging market fund that invests in commodities in countries that both sit on large deposits of crude oil and have the infrastructure [more…]

Energy Sector Commodities: Natural Gas

If crude oil is the king of commodities, natural gas is sometimes said to be the queen. Although crude oil accounts for about 40 percent of total energy consumed in the United States [more…]


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