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Introduction to Zinc and Nickel Commodities

Zinc and nickel are important components of the commodity metals complex because of their wide use in industry. These metals may not get much attention from the financial press, but you still need to consider [more…]

Get Exposure to Metal Commodities in Your Investment Portfolio

Metallurgy and civilization go hand in hand. Man’s ability to form metals into useful commodities enabled him to develop modern society and civilization. As a matter of fact, human prehistory is classified [more…]

Metal Commodities: Gold Is King

Perhaps no other metal — or commodity — in the world has the cachet and prestige of gold. For centuries, gold has been coveted and valued for its unique metallurgical characteristics. It was such a desirable [more…]

Think Creatively to Profit from Gold Commodities

The California Gold Rush was a defining moment in the history of the United States, focused on the commodity gold. When word spread that gold had been discovered in the San Francisco area, many young men [more…]

Metal Commodities: Fundamentals of the Demand for Gold

The increased demand for gold is linked to a number of reasons. To profit in commodities markets from this increased demand, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals of the gold market. [more…]

What Makes Gold a Valuable Commodity?

Why is gold such an important commodity compared to other metals? The traits of ductility, malleability, quasi-indestructibility, and rarity can help you understand where gold derives its value: [more…]

Gold Commodities: Measure Up!

Gold, like most metal commodities, is measured and weighed in troy ounces. One troy ounce is the equivalent of 31.10 grams. (Despite the common misperception, the troy ounce does not take its name from [more…]

Physical Gold as a Commodity for Your Investment Portfolio

Gold is unlike any other commodity because it’s one of the few commodities that can be physically stored to have its value preserved or increased over periods of time. One investment method unique to gold [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Gold ETFs

Exchange-traded funds that offer exposure to commodities are a popular investment gateway for folks who don’t want to mess around with futures contracts. Signaling gold’s importance, one of the first commodity [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Stock in Gold Companies

Another way to get exposure to commodities of gold is to invest in gold-mining companies. A number of companies specialize in mining, processing, and distributing this precious metal. Here are some of [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Gold Futures Contracts

Gold futures contracts give you a direct way to invest in gold commodities through the futures markets. You can choose from two gold futures contracts that are widely traded in the United States: [more…]

Introduction to Silver Commodities

Silverware and jewelry aren’t the only uses for the commodity silver. As a matter of fact, silverware is only a small portion of the silver market. A large portion of this precious metal goes toward industrial [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Physical Silver

One of the unique characteristics of silver among other commodities is that you can invest in it by actually buying the stuff, as you can buy gold coins and bars for investment purposes. Most dealers that [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Silver ETFs or Futures Contracts

Silver can play an important role in your commodity portfolio. Because of its precious metal status, you can use it as a hedge against inflation and to preserve part of your portfolio’s value. In addition [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Silver-Mining Companies

Another alternative commodities investment route is to go through companies that mine silver. Although some of the larger mining companies have silver-mining operations, you can get more direct exposure [more…]

Introduction to Platinum Commodities

Platinum is one of the rarest and most precious metals in the world. Perhaps no other metal or commodity carries the same cachet as platinum, and for good reason. If you put all the platinum that has ever [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Platinum Futures Contracts or Mining Companies

Platinum’s unique characteristics as a highly sought-after precious metal with industrial applications make it an ideal commodity to invest in. Fortunately, you can invest in platinum in a number of ways [more…]

Introduction to Steel, Aluminum, and Copper Commodities

Steel, aluminum, and copper may not be as glamorous as their precious metals counterparts, but they’re perhaps even more precious as commodities within the global economy. [more…]

Introduction to Steel Commodities

The development of steel and its use as an economic commodity, alongside iron, changed the course of human history. In fact, the last stage of prehistoric times, the [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Steel Companies

Although futures contracts are available for all commodities from crude oil to coffee, there’s no underlying futures contract for steel. However, a number of exchanges have expressed interest in developing [more…]

Introduction to Aluminum Commodities

Aluminum is one of the most ubiquitous commodity metals of modern society. Not just aluminum soda cans account for its widespread use — aluminum is also used in transportation [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Aluminum Futures and Companies

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that’s resistant to corrosion. Because of these characteristics, it’s a commodity that is widely used to create a number of products, from cars to jets. [more…]

Introduction to Copper Commodities

Copper, the third most widely used metal in the world, has applications as a commodity in many sectors, including construction, electricity conduction, and large-scale industrial projects. Copper is sought [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Copper Futures Contracts

Like most of the other important industrial metals, there’s a commodities futures market available for copper trading. Large industrial producers and consumers of the metal account for most of this market [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Copper Companies

Another investment vehicle for exposure to copper commodities is companies that specialize in mining and processing copper ore. The companies here are leaders in their industry and are involved in all [more…]


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