How to Invest in Commodities

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Introduction to Steel, Aluminum, and Copper Commodities

Steel, aluminum, and copper may not be as glamorous as their precious metals counterparts, but they’re perhaps even more precious as commodities within the global economy. [more…]

Introduction to Steel Commodities

The development of steel and its use as an economic commodity, alongside iron, changed the course of human history. In fact, the last stage of prehistoric times, the [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Steel Companies

Although futures contracts are available for all commodities from crude oil to coffee, there’s no underlying futures contract for steel. However, a number of exchanges have expressed interest in developing [more…]

Introduction to Aluminum Commodities

Aluminum is one of the most ubiquitous commodity metals of modern society. Not just aluminum soda cans account for its widespread use — aluminum is also used in transportation [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Aluminum Futures and Companies

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that’s resistant to corrosion. Because of these characteristics, it’s a commodity that is widely used to create a number of products, from cars to jets. [more…]

Introduction to Copper Commodities

Copper, the third most widely used metal in the world, has applications as a commodity in many sectors, including construction, electricity conduction, and large-scale industrial projects. Copper is sought [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Copper Futures Contracts

Like most of the other important industrial metals, there’s a commodities futures market available for copper trading. Large industrial producers and consumers of the metal account for most of this market [more…]

Invest in Commodities through Copper Companies

Another investment vehicle for exposure to copper commodities is companies that specialize in mining and processing copper ore. The companies here are leaders in their industry and are involved in all [more…]

Investments in Commodities through Palladium Companies

One of the best — albeit indirect — methods of getting exposure to the commodities markets in palladium is investing in companies that mine the metal. A number of companies specialize in this activity, [more…]

Introduction to Palladium Commodities

Palladium, which belongs to the platinum group of metals (PGM), is a popular alternative commodity to platinum in the automotive industry and the jewelry industry. Its largest use comes into play in the [more…]

Physical Commodity Identification and Development is Time and Capital Intensive

Commodity investing requires the recognition that commodities take a long time to bring to market and that commodities often move in different cycles than the business market. A good example of this capital- [more…]

Introduction to Commodities Investing

The commodities markets are broad and deep, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Investors are often overwhelmed simply by the number of commodities out there: more than 30 tradable commodities [more…]

Commodities throughout History

The history of commodities tells the story of civilization itself. Ever since man first appeared on earth, his existence has been defined by a perpetual and brutal quest for control over the world’s natural [more…]

Investment Characteristics of Commodities

Just what are commodities? Put simply, commodities are the raw materials humans use to create a livable world. Humans have been exploiting earth’s natural resources since the beginning of time. They use [more…]

Money-Making Opportunities with Commodity Investments

Commodities have allowed nations to survive and thrive, but they’ve also given individuals tremendous wealth-accumulation possibilities. Some of the world’s most enduring fortunes have been built around [more…]

An Introduction to Commodities Futures Markets

In the futures markets, individuals, institutions, and sometimes governments transact with each other in commodities for price-hedging and speculating purposes, trying to make [more…]

Get Exposure to Commodities Investments without Trading Futures

Although the futures markets offer the most direct investment gateway to the commodities markets, the equity markets also offer access to these raw materials. You can invest in companies that specialize [more…]

Commodities Investment Vehicles: Managed Funds and Physical Commodities

The two most critical questions to ask yourself before getting started in commodities are the following: What commodity should I invest in? How do I invest in it? Means of investing in commodities include [more…]

Types of Energy Commodities

Energy has always been indispensable for human survival and also makes for a great commodities investment. Energy, whether fossil fuels or renewable energy sources, has attracted a lot of attention from [more…]

Types of Metal Commodities

Metallurgy has been essential to human development throughout history. Like societies that have survived and thrived through mastering metallurgy, investors who have incorporated metal commodities into [more…]

Types of Agricultural Commodities

Food is the most essential element of human life, and the production of food presents solid money-making opportunities for non-farmers through investing in the commodities markets. [more…]

Why You Should Invest in Commodities

In recent years, commodities as an asset class have attracted a lot of attention from the investor community. Many investors are turning to commodities because they see the value in investing in an asset [more…]

The 21st Century Is the Century of Commodities

Since autumn 2001, commodities have been running faster than the bulls of Pamplona. The Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index (a benchmark for commodities) nearly doubled between 2001 and 2006. During this period [more…]

Capitalize on Population Growth through Commodities Investment

The 21st century is going to experience the largest population growth in the history of humankind, which will lead to growth in commodities. The United Nations [more…]

Profit from Urbanization through Commodities Investment

Perhaps even more significant than population growth for the growth in commodity markets is the fact that it’s accompanied by the largest urbanization movement the world has ever seen. [more…]


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