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Exploding Off-Shore Tax Myths

If someone tells you a foreign company can own your UK property so you can avoid paying capital gains tax by having nominee directors meeting in some far-off country, don’t believe them. [more…]

Saving Tax by Keeping a Property Register

Property businesses pay tax based on the initial intention behind the purchase of a particular property, so you need some way to record your intention. [more…]

Understanding and Paying Less Property Tax For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Tax pays for the state education system, the National Health Service, the police and the armed forces in the UK. Property tax in its many and various forms is a big part of the overall tax picture. But [more…]

What Is the 2013 Medicare Real Estate Tax?

The new real estate tax to help fund Medicare is of particular interest to people all over the United States who are trying to digest and make sense of the new 2,000-page health care legislation. The truth [more…]

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