Selling a Home - Preparing

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Getting Sizes and Placement Right when Staging Your Home

To get your house in shape for showing it to potential buyers, you make plans to stage it so that it shows off its best features. The staging process involves everything from art on the walls to rugs on [more…]

How to Plan and Stage a Successful Open House

You’re selling your home and using an open house to show it off. You need to stage your home ahead of time, of course, as well as set the price, and take care of all the details that go into an open house [more…]

Open House Checklist

Sometimes, part of the plan of staging your house is to make it look its best for an open house. An open house is always nerve-racking, so before any potential buyer steps foot in your house, make sure [more…]

Shopping List for Home Staging

As you prepare your home for sale, you want to stage it as attractively as possible. Consider purchasing some of the items in the following table — realtors purchase these items and use them over and over [more…]

Home Staging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Staging your home properly can not only help you sell it, but help you get a good price for it. The effort spent in finding the right accents and accessories can pay dividends in selling time — and you [more…]

Redecorating Your Bathroom for Resale

Thinking of selling your place within two years or less? Shift your bathroom colors into neutral white, almond, and other classics that prospective buyers prefer. If you don’t know what’s hot and what’s [more…]

8 Top Home-Selling Mistakes People Often Make

It’s a challenging market for home sellers right now. Buyers have a lot of options — and they don’t have to buy what you’re selling. Your house is likely just one located in a sea of for-sale signs, so [more…]

How to Stage Your Kitchen for Home Showings

Staging a kitchen for house tours calls for cleaning up clutter; painting walls; making appliances sparkle; and completing repairs and updates. Natural touches - like flowers or fresh fruit - can attract [more…]

Identifying the Most Desirable Home Features

Home buyers are looking for energy efficiency when they shop for houses, along with upgraded features, such as specialty rooms. Lots of storage throughout the house attracts potential home buyers, who [more…]

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