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The Cost of Bad Credit

Bad credit costs you in more than the extra interest you have to pay. Bad credit can lead to reduced opportunities, family stress, and having to associate with lenders who see you as a mark. Here are some [more…]

How to Get a Debt-Management Plan

If you’re in debt crisis or you’re concerned you may be getting close to it, a debt-management plan from a good credit-counseling agency may be just the solution. For a small monthly fee, the agency handles [more…]

How to Avoid Bankruptcy

You don’t need to file bankruptcy to solve a trivial financial problem or when a more targeted remedy is available. Although you shouldn’t view bankruptcy as a last-ditch solution, you probably shouldn’t [more…]

How to Find Help for Your Credit Problems

A credit-counseling agency serves as an objective party to help you sort through your credit problems, see your credit situation through the eyes of professional, give you some credit education, offer [more…]

The Types of Federal Student Assistance Programs

The U.S. Department of Education gives out a substantial amount of money to help students and their families afford the costs of higher education. Student financial aid from the federal government requires [more…]

How to Get Relief after a Debt Settlement Firm Rip-off

Beware of debt settlement firms that may be out to fleece consumers in crisis. If you get taken by a disreputable credit counseling organization or by a debt settlement firm, contact a consumer law attorney [more…]

Actively Oversee Your Debt Management Plan

To ensure that your debt management plan helps you get out of debt, you must take an active role in overseeing it. Even when working with a reputable credit counseling agency, problems can develop if you [more…]

Working with a Credit Counselor to Deal with Debt

After you have chosen a credit counseling agency to help you get out of debt, your assigned credit counselor will spend time becoming familiar with you and your finances. Your initial face-to-face meeting [more…]

Financial Planning with Your Family

Your financial plan should involve the dreams, goals, resources, and responsibilities of the entire family. If you have a spouse, partner, or children, you may need to provide guidance as your family develops [more…]

Examining Your Attitudes about Managing Money

Your thoughts about money influence your ability to manage your money. Positive thoughts lead to positive money management behaviors. Negative thoughts lead to financial ruin. Try to maintain an open mind [more…]

Are You Spending Too Much for Investment Management?

Many people believe they must spend a lot of money to receive quality investment management services. That may have been true once, but it isn’t true any longer. Professional investment management services [more…]

Examining Your Emergency Cash Reserves

Whether you have a substantial investment portfolio or haven’t started investing yet, you need to understand the fundamental building blocks of an investment portfolio. Keeping cash in hand to cover several [more…]

Improving Your Savings Rate

Knowing what you’re currently saving is an important part of making sure that you’ll achieve your financial objectives. What percentage of your gross income [more…]

Tips for Keeping Your Financial Information Safe

Thieves use a variety of techniques to steal private information about you and your personal finances. From fraudulent e-mails to dumpster diving, identity thieves have an array of tools at their disposal [more…]

How to Reduce Junk Mail, Spam, and Other Unwanted Solicitations

Stopping solicitors takes time, but over the long-run, you save trees and protect your privacy. You can follow the steps here to reduce the majority of your junk mail, telephone solicitations, and spam [more…]

How to Select a Personal Financial Advisor

Savvy consumers interview a few different financial advisors to learn more about each one’s background, experience, specialties, and target clientele, as well as his or her listening skills and communication [more…]

Getting Help from Others to Avoid a Foreclosure

Your most valuable assets during the foreclosure process are people who can help you — including friends, family, and professionals. Before or during the foreclosure process, you should draw up a list [more…]

Unloading Your Home during a Foreclosure

If you can’t save your home during an impending foreclosure process or sell it for a profit or to break even, then unloading your home may be your best option — cut your losses, load up your family and [more…]

Understanding the Foreclosure Process

Most people think that as soon as you receive a foreclosure notice, you’ve pretty much lost your home. This is simply not true. The foreclosure notice is the first step in a process that may take weeks [more…]

Knowing Your Homeowner's Rights during a Foreclosure

As a homeowner, you have rights during the foreclosure process, but those homeowner's rights can vary a great deal depending on your jurisdiction and situation. Your rights during a redemption period can [more…]

Ten Financial Steps to Take in 2010

Here are ten healthy steps to take in the New Year to make sure that you move in the right direction with your personal finances: [more…]

What to Do When Your Identity Is Stolen

If you become an identity theft victim, you have lots of work ahead. These tips for dealing with identity theft can help you reclaim your good name: [more…]

Keys to Protecting Your Identity

Protect your personal information to limit your exposure to identity theft. Identity thieves target certain types of personal information and have many clever ways to get it. Everyone needs to protect [more…]

Identity Theft: Ten Ways to Secure Your Computer

Being secure online is critical to protecting your identity. Mining the personal information that's on your computer is an identity thief's dream — not to mention all the personal information about you [more…]

Where to Get Help with Identity Theft Protection

If you need help with identity protection, there's plenty available. Identity theft protection companies, credit bureaus, and government agencies are there to help you protect your identity or restore [more…]


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