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How to Get Out of Debt

If you’re living with a large debt, putting together a budget — an itemized account of income and expenses — is only the first step to getting your financial house in order. You may need to take some bold [more…]

How to Reduce Your Debt with a Debt Management Plan

Your debt counselor may recommend a debt management plan to help you to pay off your obligations if reducing your expenses and making more money are not possible. Many creditors offer special concessions [more…]

How to Control Credit Debt

The first thing to do when you need to get your credit card debt under control is to look over each of your credit-card statements each month. You may be surprised to find charges on your account that [more…]

How to Avoid Unnecessary Banking and Credit Card Fees

Even small fees can take their toll on your finances, so try to avoid fees whenever you can. To avoid getting dinged for unnecessary fees, follow this advice: [more…]

How to Keep Tabs on Your Credit

Checking your credit is easy, and a lot rides on your credit score. Lenders use it to determine the interest rate you will pay on a home mortgage, a car loan, and your auto insurance premiums and it may [more…]

How Much Debt Can You Afford?

Just because a mortgage or credit-card company will give you money doesn’t mean you should take it. According to your lender, you may qualify for more debt than you can afford in your current situation [more…]

How to Stop Credit Solicitations

By eliminating credit-card and loan offers, you will be less apt to apply for easy credit. One way to minimize the number of solicitations you receive from would-be lenders is to get your name added to [more…]

Tracking and Reducing Your Credit Card Debt

Are you losing sleep because of debt? Are you wasting money on finance charges and feel like you can’t get ahead? With an aggressive debt-reduction plan and persistence, you can wipe out that debt — sooner [more…]

Resources for Managing Your Debt

If you're drowning in debt, a credit counseling agency can be a great help. Use caution when finding an agency to help you mange debt, not every agency is as dependable as they say. Use any of the following [more…]

Preparing to Meet with a Credit Counselor

If living on a strict budget is not enough to resolve your financial problems, meeting with a credit counselor to negotiate concessions from your creditor may help. Do your homework and get the following [more…]

How to Maintain Good Credit Throughout Life

Your credit report presents a financial snapshot of your life…so far. As your life changes, your credit report changes, too. If your life is filled with positives like a steady job, a good income, controlled [more…]

How to Review Your Credit Report for Problems

The task of knowing what’s in your credit reports is a lot easier than some people may lead you to believe. But it does take a little time, some patience, and occasionally persistence. You don’t need to [more…]

How to Manage Joint Debt to Improve Your Credit

Talking to your creditors is hard, but talking to your sweetie about money may be even more daunting. Dealing with joint debt isn’t necessarily twice as difficult as dealing with debt alone — it can be [more…]

How to Use Credit While Unemployed

You need to protect your credit while unemployed. Many people lose their jobs, often more than once. But if you’ve established savings and you have some available credit, you have two tools to help get [more…]

Protect Your Credit with Alarms, Alerts, and Freezes

Alarms, alerts and freezes can offer you extra credit protection. In one of the greatest Three Stooges clips, the lads put a bucket of water above a partially open door. When someone comes through the [more…]

How to Count Up Your Income for a Credit Improvement Spending Plan

The first step in creating a spending plan is to figure your income. Figuring out how much you earn in a year can be easy or tricky depending on how you’re paid. If you earn a regular salary or work a [more…]

How to Figure Your Spending for a Credit Improvement Spending Plan

Once you’ve determined the income for your spending plan, you need to calculate what’s going out — and where it’s going. Determining your monthly spending isn’t difficult, but for some people it requires [more…]

How to Plan for the IRS to Improve Your Credit

Okay, planning for the IRS may be like planning for the dentist, but pretax flossing and brushing make this unpleasant subject a lot easier to swallow. Without getting into Novocain-like numbing details [more…]

How to Improve Your Credit with Spending Plan Resources

There are a ton of resources available to help you improve your credit with a spending plan. With computers and smart phones, tools to help you develop — and stick to — a spending plan could fill the shelves [more…]

How to Safeguard Your Credit Data through the FACT Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and its update, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, were put in place to ensure that anytime your record of credit use is reported to a credit bureau, the [more…]

How to Improve Your Credit with Payday Loans Protection

Many people with bad credit feel they have no other choice than to get a payday loan when in a bind. If you think payday loans are small time, think again. There are more than 20,000 payday lending storefronts [more…]

How to Protect Your Credit from Phishing Scams

Falling prey to phishing scams can be devastating to your credit. Phishing occurs when a stranger pretending to be someone you trust (for example, a Facebook friend, a credit card company, or a representative [more…]

How to Safeguard Your Computer Data to Protect Your Identity and Your Credit

May people find themselves in sticky situations with their credit and a stolen identity because of information taken from their computers. You need to safeguard your computer so that it doesn’t give up [more…]

How to Adjust Your Priorities throughout Life to Protect Your Credit

Depending on your stage of life, your primary budget and credit needs vary. The basic tools of planning your spending remain the same, but the emphasis of your plan shifts as you move to each new stage [more…]

How to Trim Spending

You can cut back on spending in times when money is tight, but spending less doesn’t mean you have to cut out the things you enjoy. [more…]

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