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Look Closely at Your Credit Card Finance Charges

Some credit card companies offer lower interest rates if you transfer balances from another credit card to a new account. And if you write a check to borrow cash against your credit card, that amount can [more…]

Understand Your Credit Consumer Rights

Federal laws and agencies govern lender behavior when you apply for and use credit, protecting you from creditors who engage in illegal or bad credit practices. [more…]

Comparing Credit Card Terms before Accepting Card Offers

The federal Truth in Lending Act makes it easy to compare credit card offers, because it requires credit card companies to provide written information about the credit card terms. Do a comparison of credit [more…]

How to Improve Your Credit

You want to be sure your credit score is as high as you can make it because if your credit score is below 750, you may have to pay higher interest rates on loans or even have trouble borrowing money. But [more…]

How to Review Your Monthly Credit Card Statement

Look over every one of your credit-card statements every month. You may be surprised to find charges on your account that aren’t yours, changes in your interest rates that you don’t understand, or how [more…]

How to Stop Credit Solicitations

By eliminating credit-card and loan offers, you will be less apt to apply for easy credit. One way to minimize the number of solicitations you receive from would-be lenders is to get your name added to [more…]

Tracking and Reducing Your Credit Card Debt

Are you losing sleep because of debt? Are you wasting money on finance charges and feel like you can’t get ahead? With an aggressive debt-reduction plan and persistence, you can wipe out that debt — sooner [more…]

How to Manage your Holiday Financial Hangover

The holidays are behind us, the presents are unwrapped, toys may already be broken, and now the reality is setting in, “How am I going to pay for all of this?” If you’re like many Americans, you may have [more…]

How to Wipe Out Credit Card Debt

When you’re ready to eliminate your credit card debt, you can take one of two approaches: pay off the card with the highest balance first, which allows you to save on interest in the long-run, or pay off [more…]

How to Raise Your Credit Score through Small Purchases

Because a lot of your credit score is based on using credit and making payments on time, it’s a good idea to use small purchases to get back into good standing quickly. Why does making small purchases [more…]

How to Avoid High Interest, Fees, and Credit Scams

Unfortunately, being new to the credit world leaves you vulnerable to abuse by people who know the rules better than you do. Abuses perpetuated on immigrants and credit newbies have been around forever [more…]

How to Qualify for First-Time Cards and Lending

Credit impacts two major and basic consumer credit instruments that most people need when they get started on life’s journey: credit cards and loans. You may think that you know how these instruments work [more…]

What You Should Know about the CARD Act to Manage Your Credit

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 focuses on your protections from credit card industry practices that have been deemed to be either unfair or just plain [more…]

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