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How to Use Home Equity to Consolidate Debts

If you have credit card debt, a second mortgage, or other loans in addition to your first mortgage, debt consolidation can take a chunk out of your monthly expenses, freeing up money to cover other bills [more…]

Defining Differences between Bad Debt and Good Debt

Whether your debt is good or bad depends on the type of debt, the reason you owe it, and whether you can afford to repay it. When used the right way, debt can help you manage your finances more effectively [more…]

Laying the Groundwork for Credit Rebuilding

If your credit history is poor, you can rebuild it over time so that when you apply for credit, creditors who evaluate your application see an improved credit history and a higher credit score. [more…]

Comparing Credit Card Terms before Accepting Card Offers

The federal Truth in Lending Act makes it easy to compare credit card offers, because it requires credit card companies to provide written information about the credit card terms. Do a comparison of credit [more…]

How to Take Control when Foreclosure Looms

If you sense that your financial situation has taken a turn for the worse and foreclosure may be on the horizon, deal with possible foreclosure as best you can. You and the rest of your household need [more…]

Go Car Shopping with Your Loan Options in Order

Shopping for car financing in advance can mean a better car loan. Compare the Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) of different loans. If all other things are equal, the car loan with the lowest APR is the best [more…]

Prioritize Repayment of Your Unsecured Debts

Not paying unsecured debts can result in loss of assets. If you cut your budget to the bare bones and still can’t pay all your debts and living expenses, you have to decide what you will pay. Unsecured [more…]

Get to Know Types of Credit

All credit is not created equal. There are many forms of credit available, and getting familiar with credit types can help you become a better credit consumer. [more…]

How to Keep Tabs on Your Credit

Checking your credit is easy, and a lot rides on your credit score. Lenders use it to determine the interest rate you will pay on a home mortgage, a car loan, and your auto insurance premiums and it may [more…]

How to Improve Your Credit

You want to be sure your credit score is as high as you can make it because if your credit score is below 750, you may have to pay higher interest rates on loans or even have trouble borrowing money. But [more…]

How Much Debt Can You Afford?

Just because a mortgage or credit-card company will give you money doesn’t mean you should take it. According to your lender, you may qualify for more debt than you can afford in your current situation [more…]

How to Review Your Monthly Credit Card Statement

Look over every one of your credit-card statements every month. You may be surprised to find charges on your account that aren’t yours, changes in your interest rates that you don’t understand, or how [more…]

How to Stop Credit Solicitations

By eliminating credit-card and loan offers, you will be less apt to apply for easy credit. One way to minimize the number of solicitations you receive from would-be lenders is to get your name added to [more…]

Assessing Your Current Debt Situation

To begin assessing your debt, you want to get all your debt listed in the same place so that you can see it all at once. The first step is to list all mortgage and consumer debt, including credit cards [more…]

Tracking and Reducing Your Credit Card Debt

Are you losing sleep because of debt? Are you wasting money on finance charges and feel like you can’t get ahead? With an aggressive debt-reduction plan and persistence, you can wipe out that debt — sooner [more…]

Raising Money-Wise Children

Involving your children in money-management discussions and decisions is extremely valuable. Children can be helpful or very challenging when it comes to effectively managing your money. Here are some [more…]

How to Deal with Debt Collectors during Personal Bankruptcy

If you're facing personal bankruptcy, you've probably heard from debt collectors. A debt collector's job is to get you to pay their client's debt, and they can be very inventive in finding ways to motivate [more…]

What the Newest Bankruptcy Law Means to You

The bankruptcy law that went into effect in 2005 makes it harder than it used to be to declare personal bankruptcy. It's much more difficult to liquidate your assets and get a fresh start to your credit [more…]

Questions to Answer when Considering Personal Bankruptcy

If you're thinking about personal bankruptcy, you're looking at some hard questions and harder choices, especially under the newest bankruptcy law. Answer the questions in the following list to figure [more…]

What Bills to Pay First when Considering Personal Bankruptcy

If filing for personal bankruptcy is on your radar, continue paying whatever bills you can to stay within the law. Prioritize bill payments with the help of this list: [more…]

Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Going through the process of filing personal bankruptcy isn't fun, but it’s sometimes necessary and can be a huge relief. Filing for personal bankruptcy means you have to answer some tough questions about [more…]

How to Manage your Holiday Financial Hangover

The holidays are behind us, the presents are unwrapped, toys may already be broken, and now the reality is setting in, “How am I going to pay for all of this?” If you’re like many Americans, you may have [more…]

Resources for Managing Your Debt

If you're drowning in debt, a credit counseling agency can be a great help. Use caution when finding an agency to help you mange debt, not every agency is as dependable as they say. Use any of the following [more…]

Preparing to Meet with a Credit Counselor

If living on a strict budget is not enough to resolve your financial problems, meeting with a credit counselor to negotiate concessions from your creditor may help. Do your homework and get the following [more…]

Tips for Handling Debt Collector Calls

A call from a debt collector can be intimidating to say the least. The following tips will help you stay in control and calmly handle a debt collector so you avoid saying something that could create more [more…]


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