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Entertaining on a Shoestring Budget

Do you want to socialize with friends and family while spending as little money as possible? Your guests will appreciate the quality time together as well as the frugality of these events. Here are a few [more…]

Evaluate a Big-Ticket Item before Buying

It isn’t always easy to postpone buying things you really want. But before making any impulse purchases or signing contracts to make a big purchase, invest time to explore the rationale for these decisions [more…]

8 Ways to Save Money Now and Every Year After

Need to save money on your expenses every year without affecting your lifestyle? Here are eight simple things that could save you thousands of dollars, starting now and moving into the future. [more…]

Where to Find Cheap School Supplies

It’s one thing to say that you can find cheap back-to-school supplies; it’s another to actually buyschool supplies while saving money. With thousands of places to buy supplies both online and in brick-and-mortar [more…]

How to Calculate Moving Expenses

Figuring out how much it would cost to move can help you decide whether or not to, well, move. When calculating moving expenses, you need to factor in how much stuff you have, time and distance, and miscellaneous [more…]

Making Millions by Controlling Your Spending

Building wealth can’t happen until you assess your spending habits and eliminate the ones that prevent you from saving and investing your money to meet your long-term financial goals. Keeping spending [more…]

How to Live Frugally: Tips for Reducing Utility Bills

You don't have to take cold showers or drop the long-distance plan to cut back on your utility bills. If you want to become a frugal utility user combine a number of these ideas to save money: [more…]

How to Save Money on Food Expenses

When it comes to saving money, food is one of the few flexible items. Just making minor changes in how you think about grocery shopping can bring major benefits at the checkout stand. Quick and easy tips [more…]

Freezing Food for Budget Meals and Snacks

A great money-saver is cooking your meals ahead of time and popping them in the freezer. By having your meals ready you cut down on runs to fast-food restaurants, ordering pizzas and add convenience and [more…]

Frugal Living Habit: Track Monthly Sale Items

Living frugally means carefully planning your shopping to buy items that are in-season or to coincide with manufacturers' annual sales. You can save considerably when buying these things during their peak [more…]

Frugal Living For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Living a frugal lifestyle doesn't mean you deprive yourself of things, it means being smarter about the way you do things. You can cut down on grocery bills by being a shrewd shopper and freezing meals [more…]

A Collection of Images from Online Couponing In A Day For Dummies

The figures in this gallery are from Online CouponingIn A Day For Dummies and illustrate different concepts related to coupons. The images appear in the order that they appear in the book. [more…]

A Collection of Online Couponing Images

Over the years, coupons have evolved along with technology. These days, printable coupons, digital coupons, and now mobile coupons are changing the way people shop. The Internet has become the place for [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content for the E-Book Online Couponing In A Day For Dummies

Getting Started with a Printable “Couponer's Kit”

Improve your couponing skills overnight with this downloadable kit. The kit contains Excel forms, Word documents, and a number of graphics in PDF form that you can use to move from beginning couponer to [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content for the E-Book Online Couponing In A Day For Dummies

Ten Manufacturer Coupon Sites to Join

Manufacturer coupons are coupons released by the manufacturer of the product. These coupons say “manufacturer” and should be accepted at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons. [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content for the E-Book Online Couponing In A Day For Dummies

How to Trim Spending

You can cut back on spending in times when money is tight, but spending less doesn’t mean you have to cut out the things you enjoy. [more…]

How to Save Money by Cooking at Home

Eating out often can zap your budget, but busy schedules make it difficult to find the time to cook healthy, tasty, and economical home-cooked meals. The suggestions here can help. [more…]


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