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How to Have Fun without Spending Money

You can still have fun and keep within your budget — you just need to have some free fun! Look for fun activities that cost you nothing (or next to nothing): [more…]

How to Create a Monthly Budget

Does the word budget send chills up your spine? It shouldn’t. Budgets allow you to have some control over what you spend. A monthly budget can help you to decide how to spend your money, plan for your [more…]

How to Solve Financial Shortfalls

If you have a shortfall after you calculate your required expenses, something’s gotta give to eliminate that shortfall. When you’re faced with a shortfall [more…]

How to Save on Phone Bills

Keeping in touch by phone is an expensive proposition, so cutting back on the monthly phone bill is a welcome relief to many pocketbooks, saving money when you need to. [more…]

How to Trim Spending

You can cut back on spending in times when money is tight, but spending less doesn’t mean you have to cut out the things you enjoy. Here are some ways you can trim the money tree, pain-free: [more…]

How to Cut Back on Unrequired Expenses

You can reduce the amount of money you spend in all kinds of ways, and many of these expense cutbacks don’t require that you reduce your standard of living — only that you make more deliberate decisions [more…]

How to Add Insulation to Your Home

Creating a well-insulated home gives you money-saving results right away because proper insulation makes your home much more energy efficient. Here’s how to insulate some key areas: [more…]

How to Fix Air Leaks around Your Home

Air leaks mean excessive energy loss — and cost. Summer or winter, you don’t want your house to leak air, especially when you spend your hard-earned dollars warming or cooling it. [more…]

How to Plan Meals Economically

Whether you’re feeding yourself or a family, mealtimes present a challenge when you want to be economical without sacrificing your favorites. You want tasty meals that everyone will enjoy and that won’t [more…]

How to Stay Warm during Winter for Less Money

If your heating bills are getting you down, consider these suggestions for keeping your home warm without breaking the bank. Stay cozy-warm and still save money on your heating bills: [more…]

How to Travel on the Cheap

All travel seems to have the same basic expenses: food, accommodations, and fun activities. What you spend on these travel costs can amount to a lot or a little. The difference depends on where you go, [more…]

How to Expand Your Wardrobe on the Cheap

You can add to your wardrobe without going into debt. With these simple wardrobe-expanding tricks, you can keep your entire family stylishly clothed and stay in the black. [more…]

How to Develop Good Shopping Habits

Shopping can often feel like a black hole on your finances. To keep your shopping trips from turning into a spending frenzy, use these habits and think about how you can spend more thoughtfully. [more…]

How to Save Money in the Kitchen

Every tip helps when you’re trying to save money in the kitchen, so here’s a list of easy ideas to help cut the cost of family meals. [more…]

How to Save Money by Cooking at Home

Eating out often can zap your budget, but busy schedules make it difficult to find the time to cook healthy, tasty, and economical home-cooked meals. The suggestions here can help. [more…]

Seasonal Grocery Sales

Many food items go on sale at regular times from year to year. Throughout the year, various food items are seasonally offered at discounts. For example, March is National Frozen Food Month in the United [more…]

How to Use Coupons Wisely

The key to effective coupon use is to be organized about the process. Every coupon you need but can’t easily locate is cash slipping through your fingers. [more…]

How to Use Leftovers

If you use a little creativity, leftovers can be fun, tasty, inexpensive meal starters. By camouflaging the leftovers from meal to meal, even your pickiest eaters will have trouble recognizing the roasted [more…]

How to Manage Your Money by Setting Financial Goals

The best way to avoid financial problems is to establish financial goals and a household budget to help achieve them. Your financial goals should be specific, realistic, time based, and flexible. As you [more…]

How to Throw a Party on a Budget

When you budget for your party, do so before you start shopping. Figure out how much you can spend on your party, overall. List the items you need and estimate what you can afford to spend on each item [more…]

How to Change Your Car’s Oil

Unless your car’s oil filter and/or oil drain plug is impossible to reach, you can save money by changing your oil and oil filter yourself (your car’s manual should tell you how much oil to get). Start [more…]

How to Hire an Auto Mechanic without Going Broke

Several kinds of shops repair and service cars. Save money by choosing a car-repair option other than a dealership (which costs the most). Each car pro has drawbacks, as well as advantages. [more…]

How to Boost Your Household Income

When you can’t make ends meet with expense cuts, look at income. You, your partner, and any children you have can generate additional income — income that can soften the money woes that come with a dicey [more…]

How to Stay Cool during Summer for Less Money

You don’t have to sweat out the dog days of summer, even when cutting back on your awesome, home-cooling air conditioning to save money. You can stay cool, even when it’s hot outside. [more…]

How to Save on Style Expenses

If you need to save money, that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. You can save on style expenses, keeping yourself looking good without draining your wallet: [more…]


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