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Success Rates for Social Security Disability Insurance Claims

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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) covers disabled workers and, in some cases, the family members who depend on them financially. SSDI benefits may also [more…]

Ten Ways to Save for Retirement If You're Over 50

If life's circumstances have forced you to put off dealing with your retirement plans until later in life, the road to a successful retirement is different from that of someone who's just starting out. [more…]

Keeping Tabs on Your Personal Social Security Data

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One of the most important things you can do as a consumer of Social Security is keep track of your personal data. This includes the agency’s official record of [more…]

Allocating Social Security Benefits for Grandchildren

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Retirement benefits are the first thing most people think of when the subject is Social Security. But that’s just part of the story. Workers who gain Social Security [more…]

Social Security: Acing the Retirement Earnings Test

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Earning money while collecting Social Security can make a lot of sense. But it can also mean a lower benefit in the short run, if you haven’t reached your full [more…]

Top 10 Terms in Social Security

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Social Security may seem like a big and bewildering topic. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of terms to give you a better understanding of the benefits [more…]

Why Retirees May Want — or Need — to Work

Many newly retired people find they must face a difficult truth — their retirement nest egg just won't go as far as they thought it would, especially with healthcare costs rising twice as fast as incomes [more…]

How to Determine Your Full Retirement Age for Social Security

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A key consideration in choosing a start date for collecting Social Security is something called your full retirement age. The Social Security Administration [more…]

How to Estimate How Much Social Security You’ll Get Each Month

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After you figure out your full retirement age, you can get a ballpark idea of your monthly benefit. Currently, the average retirement benefit is about [more…]

How to Perform a Break Even Analysis for Your Social Security Benefits

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A breakeven analysis compares what you get in your lifetime if you pick different dates to collect Social Security. It’s a way to estimate your total payoff from retiring at an earlier [more…]

Life Expectancy and Social Security Benefits

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When figuring out how much to reduce people’s benefits if they take the benefits early, the Social Security Administration considered average longevity. Of course, you could live a [more…]

Considerations for Your Spouse When You Claim Social Security

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You may know how timing your collection of Social Security affects your own bottom line. But the issue of timing is even bigger than that. You and your spouse could face decisions [more…]

The Potential Payoff of Working Later in Life for Social Security Benefits

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Suppose you’re approaching 62 and considering future Social Security benefits. You’re still years away from full retirement age. You’re still on the job, and you like it that way. [more…]

When and Where to Apply for Social Security Benefits

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Applying for Social Security benefits can seem like a daunting task. Knowing a few basics and when and where you should apply can help make the process a little simpler. [more…]

What You Should Know about Your Social Security Statement

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Think of your Social Security statement as your personal reminder from the SSA. The four‐page statement lays out specific details about the benefits you’ve earned for yourself and [more…]

How to Be a Smart Consumer of Social Security

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You can help keep your dealings with the Social Security Administration smooth by staying organized. If you’re naturally diligent and well organized, you may want to skip the next [more…]

How to Find Online Help with Social Security

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The Social Security Administration website holds a vast amount of information about benefits and rules that may affect you. The website is far from perfect — much of the information [more…]

How to Find Someone to Help You with Social Security

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In most situations, you can represent yourself perfectly well in dealing with the Social Security Administration. Your particular issues have probably popped up many times for others [more…]

How to Fix Earnings Mistakes with Social Security

Copyright © 2015 AARP

Mistakes sometimes happen with people’s earnings statements, potentially leading to incorrect Social Security payments. These mistakes don’t happen very often, but they happen enough [more…]

How to Halt Your Social Security Retirement Benefits

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In rare cases, you may start to collect Social Security benefits and then have a change of heart. Maybe you unexpectedly got an offer for that lucrative job you thought was out of [more…]

How to Recover a Lost or Stolen Social Security Check

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Recovering a lost or stolen Social Security check is becoming a problem of the past as the SSA shifts existing beneficiaries over to direct deposit of benefits. [more…]

How to File a Request for Reconsideration to Social Security

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If the Social Security Administration denies your claim, you’ll receive in the mail a notice of denial, which also informs you that you have a right to appeal. Ask yourself: Did someone [more…]

What Kind of Social Security Benefits Are My Family Members Eligible For?

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Before you can identify the Social Security benefits that your family members may receive, you need to know the SSA definition of [more…]

Understanding the Family Maximum for Social Security Benefits

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Suppose you have two children who qualify for Social Security benefits. Maybe you’re eligible, as well. You can’t simply add up their potential benefits to know how much will be coming [more…]

The Two Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

Copyright © 2015 AARP

You may be wondering if you qualify for disability benefits through Social Security. You will need to check the requirements if you hope to apply. The SSA provides disability protections [more…]


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